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CHIC Punta Cana

All inclusive resorts might conjure up memories of horrid Girls Gone Bad commercials but when you need to completely shut down and recharge, they can be the perfect solution.

The Diamond Club at CHIC Punta Cana, a Royalton Resort, can be that very refuge for you.

Upon arrival, an assigned butler takes you on a tour of the property and of your suite, which might resemble a Miami nightclub from the early 00’s, but is nevertheless pretty badass and includes a private premium booze dispenser, a huge jacuzzi hot tub and a customized mini fridge.

Diamond Club members are also given access to a private beach area and bar, a lounge with special snacks and drinks served all day, and a small, elevated, private pool area. (Skip the latter, the service is nonexistent and the pool water is more like hot bath water.)

There a plethora of dining options at CHIC and the portions are perfect (after all, no one wants beach body bloat) but most of the food is subpar. Play it safe and opt for grilled meat, fish or poultry at Hunter’s Steakhouse, where the food is safe and the service superb.

Tangine offers up decent Middle Eastern food in a gorgeous setting with live belly dancers to boot. Try the lamb dish–served with cous cous, it’s a safe bet and is pretty filling.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT order wine by the glass anywhere in the resort. It’s godawful and tastes like prune juice. Good bottles are available for purchase, but don’t expect much from the sommelier–his wine descriptions are limited to words like “good” and “prestigious.”

The Royal Spa might just be reason enough to visit CHIC. The massages are divine and the Spa facilities are impeccable. Spend time in their state-of-the-art Hydrotherapy area–it resembles a European thermal spa.

If you want to throw a big, fat private party, the resort offers up their Chic Mansion, which is absolutely stunning. It sleeps 12, has a private pool, bar, grill, music station, and even comes with a private chef, housekeeper, butler and somalier. Each guest also gets a free 30-minute massage.

While you have access to an uber cool music control–with pre-programmed themed music like “chic sound” for chill music, “party mood” for dance music and “tropical flavor” with island vibes and local music–you can also purchase packages that include a DJ and private mixologist for your party. They start at $50 per person. In short, you’re next destination celebration should be here.

Diamond Club upgrades vary depending on availability, promotions and timing. Here’s a link to more information on the Diamond Club and what you get as a guest:

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