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I now live in Singapore and it is a food heaven, and if you’re looking for an excuse to hit the gym, living here is the answer. I quickly learnt that Singaporeans are very proud of living in a food haven, and it is very likely that following line “have you tried the crab?” will be part of the conversation somewhere.

If you like your seafood, like myself, then it is a must you try this crustacean delicacy, which comes with different flavourings and is great for sharing. The renowned Chili crab first emerged in the 50’s and was primarily sold in pushcarts. It then found its way into restaurants which then put their own spin on this dish which consists of various ingredients such as egg, sambal, tomato paste and vinegar and the chefs little secret ingredient.

There are a number of places that offer this dish with options of Chili, Black Pepper, White pepper and Salted-Egg. I personally am IN LOVE with the Chill Crab and my runner-up is Black Pepper Crab.

Choosing THE BEST seafood restaurant can result in one having a good ol’ debate about this with the locals, and as a result I feasted at a few of the recommendations… No Sign Board, Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, Long Beach and Crab in da Bag. It bothered me that none of the others quite ‘hit the spot’ like Jumbo did, and that’s when I knew I had made my decision, and I now have a loyalty card to prove it!

Booking is required especially on weekends so plan ahead or get ready for plan B. Try not to wear white and don’t be worried about getting messy, they do provide a bib.

I always start with ordering some guilt free Chinese tea with my food just so I have space for the food, but with the humid weather here, a crisp cold beer goes down a treat.

The menu is vast and everything looks tasty, but depending on your appetite, I would suggest leaving some space for the crab, as you will want to devour it. Order your crab as soon as you can as they do take 30 minutes to bring the freshly cooked dish out. Try to sample both the chilli and black pepper crab. Both have a nice spicy kick to them and can keep you sniffling away but you find yourself wanting more and more. As a side dish order the fried or steamed mantou (sweet bread) which is to be dipped in the sauce.

If you have an appetite I would also recommend the Cereal Prawns; where thin cereal flakes are sprinkled all over the prawns and you have this wonderful crunchy texture. Mix up the flakes with the crab gravy, it won’t be frowned upon.


No SignBoard
Jumbo Seafood (Photo Credit: Christopher Chan)
Long Beach (Photo Credit: The Catty Life)
Crab in da Bag (Photo Credit: SG Food on Foot)

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