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Zanzibar's White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa

You travel for sometimes days, hours and across many miles to get somewhere as remote as Tanzania. So when you arrive you really want to feel, know and experience true paradise.

Architecturally beautiful and home to some of the island’s best – and biggest – private pool villas.

This is a tall order for any island, particularly one that is large enough to be a country in its own right. Zanzibar has history, a distinct culture, many different towns, and perhaps even some friends and family, as I discovered once I announced that I was to visit. It is the birthplace of the Swahili, home to the Sultans’ Palaces and a must visit for its spice plantations. In a place where there is a lot to do, sometimes, the beauty, serenity and luxury of paradise is even harder to find, and yet this is what White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa has created just for you.

As soon as you arrive, you feel as though you are practically the only guests in the hotel, for there are only eleven one, two or three bedroom villas in the complex. We were swiftly taken to our private villa complex, served by a separate living and dining hut, private swimming pool, terrace, outdoor shower and a secluded outdoor bath, an al fresco shaded and warmly lit dining area, and private gardens.  We were visiting with friends and each of our “rooms”, or rather separate villas, made us feel like the masters of the kingdom, with beyond king size proportions. Our family of four had one “room” or floor of the villa and we could have easily housed another four. The fitting word is abundance in every respect…

The General Manager, David Vanderest, was really friendly and a pleasure to be with, so we accepted his invitation to one of the three bars on-site. During our stay we had ample time at the beach bar, the lounge bar, and David introduced us to the rooftop champagne bar where we enjoyed many exotic cocktails.  We mingled with the other privileged residents before being treated to a splendid banquet of local cuisine from their fine dining restaurant “Zanzibar” with an innovative twist, accompanied by a music and dance group with local favourites like Jambo Bwana… we danced the night away…

White Sand is the perfect hotel in Zanzibar for kite surfing due to its position vis-à-vis the winds that flow along and across the island. The best time to visit would be during the long, dry season, which is from June to October, although the temperatures are pleasant all year round. I was there at the beginning of May and we were still able to enjoy endless days of clear and sunny skies.

Whilst you have your own private accommodations, with personal staff and service, the want to leave White Sand resort diminishes rapidly. If you can tear yourself away from the luxury of the hotel, the treats are plentiful. Some of the activities include dolphin swimming in the Indian Ocean, diving, snorkelling, Monkeys in the Sanctuary, the mind blowing Spice Tour along with the fruit picking, exploring cultural senses in the Old Town, and a visit to the idyllic restaurant “The Rock” is a must.  It is also a paradise for furniture lovers (particularly door designs). White Sand combines these designs with nature and luxury seemingly effortlessly. Sustainability is central to its ethos, so furniture is made in-house at a complex opposite the resort, employing many locals for the long term, making them a refreshing host with integrity.


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