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Top things to do in Hawaii

From gorgeous beaches to traditional luaus to top-notch surfing, Hawaii offers terrific experiences that should be on every traveler’s list. Here are Citizen Femme’s top picks for a memorable trip.

Off-road Segway ride, North Shore Oahu

Segway along the coast East of Turtle Bay and encounter forgotten beaches, backdrops to multiple movie sets, old props, ancient Hawaiian sacrificial alters and the building where Mr Marconi rang the US government to tell them Japanese missiles were coming to bomb Pearl Harbour and they didn’t listen to him! A number of hills make this a great route to practise your jumps!

$120 at Hele Huli Activity Centre

Surf lessons in Kawela Bay

In the lobby of the Turtle Bay Hotel you can find the Hans Heddeman Surf School. If Hans himself is unavailable, ask for Jack, or in fact any of the other instructors who couldn’t be more accommodating. This bay is beautiful, it’s great for beginners and it’s where the cornucopia scenes in the second Hunger Games movie were filmed.

Surfing is like riding a bike, tough until you get the hang of it so get a private lesson for $180 or semi private $140 so you can get maximum practise.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Kawela Bay

This is a work out!! I know it looks easy but bend your knees, suck in your abs, wave a paddle continuously through a body of moving water whilst balancing on a plank of wood for an hour and tell me you don’t hurt afterwards! But it’s very rewarding. And if you don’t have time to go on the famous Shaka Turtles tour just get on a board in the water and the turtles will come to you. We saw 6 in the first 30 minutes, in fact, I was so shocked when one poked his head up by my board I fell off!

$135 for semi private session at Hans.

Starry Yoga at Turtle Bay Resort

Yoga under the stars at Turtle Bay Resort. This could possible be the best ten bucks you spend your entire trip. It could be a little windy but as the sun sets and the sky is alive with millions of stars, more than you’ve ever seen at the African plains or Maldivian islands, you will be awe struck, and its one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had.

$10, no need to book but get to the gym early to reserve your space.

Cycling through Haleakala Volcano

Cycling down Haleakala Volcano, Maui. This one is for the daredevil Citizen Femmes! I know you want to charge down the volcano at high speed on a bike… and you can. The van will drop you off at the top and meet you at the bottom. You will have to wear a crash helmet, but that’s probably for the best right? The views are stunning, you will start above the cloud line and then cycle down through eucalyptus trees and lavender farms. Sunrise is also an option, but I warn you it will be chilly!


Snorkelling in Maui

In my humble opinion, Maui is the best island for snorkelling with it’s easy access to Molokini the majestic semi-circle of aquatic fantasies. Most watersports companies will know all the great spots to see underwater rock arches and turtle feeding grounds. Go earlier in the morning for better visibility and between January and April you are guaranteed to see whales!

$140 with redline rafting

Dramatic Volcano Hike, Big Island

A hike through Volcanoes National Park is a must. It’s 2 miles from the last car park to Kamokuna- this is where neon orange lava spills out of the lava tube into the sea. It cools and becomes the earth’s newest land. If this sounds mental, it is! An absolute must see. This two mile hike may not sound like a lot but it is in the killer heat and you have to walk back too.

Check the national park website before you go for unexpected closures.

Helicopter over Kaua

This is without a doubt the highlight of my trip. This magical island will leave you dumbstruck and as half of it is inaccessible by road, an aerial view is a must. You will fly over valleys, canyons, waterfalls and the completely unique Na Pali coast with its jagged cliffs. This is where Jurassic Park was filmed and you can see why. If you get a helicopter over any Hawaiian island, make it Kauai.

$250 for 55 minute ride

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