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Villa Savasana: A little piece of heaven in Bali

SAVASANA (pronounced shah-vah-sah-nah) is the name of a yoga pose, defining “the ultimate level of relaxation & rejuvenation of the mind, body & spirit”.

Imagine walking into a villa that looks like an interior design magazine photoshoot in a tropical surrounding. Welcome to villa Savasana, my home for a week.

When you plan a trip to Bali, your options are unlimited and it can be overwhelming. When you look at a villa on Airbnb, you never know if the house really looks like the given pictures. When I planned my stay at Villa Savasana, I was able to go and see the villa first, and I cannot hesitate to tell you, it blew my mind. Pictures simply cannot capture the beauty of this extraordinary luxury villa, but I have certainly tried here!

The Villa

My stay at Villa Savasana started with a welcome mocktail at the 14-meter pool before then I set off exploring the three bedroom villa. There are so many wonderful spots, each and every corner decorated with personal touches and overall coastal chic touch – boutique, with heart and exactly what I was looking for.

The three bedrooms on the ground floor all have a pool view. Every bedroom has it’s own ensuite large bathroom, featuring my favourite part, the luxurious bathtub. I mean, relaxing in a huge bathtub full of flowers is a Balinese dream come true. On the ground floor, you also find the living room fully equipped with TV, sound system and a bar with the backdrop of a brightly colored wall – perfect for my morning coffee and checking my Instagram. It is also an ideal hangout spot for friends having a drink and afternoon pool sessions.

The second floor has another beautiful living room area and kitchen area. It can be enclosed which I is really important as you don’t want to get disturbed by mosquitos whilst eating dinner or watching a midnight movie. It has a huge table, ideal for dinner, but also for meetings. That’s why this villa is also perfect for retreats.

Highly recommended to every guest is a massage on the rooftop at The Villa. To be pampered with the privacy and the comfort of professional therapists with healing hands in the balmy breeze and ocean air is absolute bliss!


The villa is located in Berawa Canggu, a 2 minute bike-ride from Finns Beach Club. It has its own beach access which is a rarity in Canggu. I love the location because I don’t have to drive the short cut road. A beautiful elevated road which cuts through the rice fields, but as a very small road, it barely fits two cars so you will regularly see cars and bikes falling off the road.

The Villa sits next door to a famous old Temple with direct access to the beach and surf breaks. Regular ceremonies and weddings are held here  when the essence of Bali is captured through Balinese ladies dressed up in their traditional costume of saris and lace.. A traditional fishing village lies north of the Temple where fishermen haul their brightly coloured boats onto the beach and the locals flock to see the catch of the day.. always fun to watch the flurry of anticipation and excitement!

It is also surrounded by some of my favorite healthy cafes in Canggu and 10 minutes away away from Seminyak, where all my favorite shopping spots are.

Canggu Club & Desa Seni yoga retreat are both around the corner from The Villa.. There are several other wellness spas, beauty salons, pilate studios and gyms nearby.


Balinese people are well known for being incredibly friendly and always smiling, nothing is a out of the way. This is a way of life I am already used to, but at Villa Savasana, this friendliness supersedes the rest. They helped me with everything, even getting the beautiful flowers for my bath.

Final thoughts

I had one of the most memorable experiences in this beautiful villa and barely left the house for a week. It is great for a group of friend who are looking for a typical Balinese getaway in a luxury atmosphere or a family looking for some time away. For me, it was the pure luxury of spending a romantic getaway in this huge villa. My boyfriend and I had the privacy and relaxation we needed from a busy life. Being someone focused on details, Villa Savasana met my every need. From perfect cleanliness, to a constant supply of fresh towels, to fresh flowers and perfectly arranged cushions! It got my stamp of approval.

This three-bedroom villa is over 500 square meters and includes:

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