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To luxury spa resorts in Lombardy, Italy

It’s quite common that when planning a trip to Italy, the North of the country is not the first choice, especially in the Summertime. Everyone falls in love with Rome, Florence or Naples.

On the contrary, Lombardy, located in the North Central Italy, is one of the most beautiful regions and retains medieval cores boasting world-class art and architecture and the stunning scenery of the so-called Italian Lakes, notably Maggiore, Como and Garda. Add to this, 4 more lakes, valleys, mountains, cities full of art and luxury stores, to small ancient villages where sounds, perfumes and traditions are mixed together, for an all-encompassing, truly seductive getaway.

Being one of the most productive areas of the country, Lombardy treats its citizens with superb pampering. Close your eyes, clear your mind, take a deep breath and simply smile after a fabulous day in one of the Spas that Lombardy has to offer. There are so many, and each of them has in store something unique.

Terme di Bormio

Bormio is a lovely village in the mountains of Valtellina, only 3 hours by car from Milan. It is deal both in the summer and in the winter because of its wonderful landscapes, slopes and mountain paths, but most of all, because of its incredible thermal centre. Terme di Bormio is divided into two main complexes: I Bagni Vecchi – the Old Baths, used since the first century Before Christ, and I Bagni Nuovi – the New Baths – from 1836 AC. A 40 hectare Monumental Park is also included. Two luxury hotels are connected with the spas, which are famous for their hot detoxing water (36°-43°) flowing from 9 natural sources. It’s like spending your time in the most splendid ancient resort, with a stunning view over the valley and warm water into the caves where all your stresses can be relieved. With 66 different thermal services and facilities offered only in the Bagni Vecchi and around 30 in the Bagni Nuovi, you’ll feel brand new after a few hours in here.

Terme Milano

In the heart of the city, Porta Romana area, there is a place where noise is forbidden: no hoots from cars in traffic jam and no pushing people to enter the metro. Finally you can experience the magic of silence, the peace of a Finnish sauna, and a relaxing massage followed by a truly indulgent Jacuzzi. This is just the starting point. The Terme di Milano is located in a spectacular liberty style building, surrounded by big walls which catch your eyes even from the outside catching the light beautifully. Inside, it is plentiful with options for those who love different aromas, varying kinds of saunas and Turkish baths, facial and body massages. In the gardens, there is the option of different whirlpool baths which can’t be missed out. And if you want to try the adventure of taking the tram in your bathrobe, just jump on the one parked in the garden of the spa, and have a sauna in there. Furthermore, the healthy buffet at the lounge is available to all the guests for free, as well as the daily 5.30pm happy hour, the only one you can enjoy in your bathrobe! Forget about shopping and cultural tours for a few hours, take your time to recharge your batteries.

QC Terme di San Pellegrino

After many years of renovation, in 2015, QC Terme di San Pellegrino is finally open again in a spectacular art nouveau Palace, with a 64,583 square foot spa with restored frescoes and imposing columns, an impressive setting for the thermal water of the Brembana Valley that even Da Vinci thought was beneficial for its curative powers.

Close to the town of Bergamo, in a valley called Val Brembana, where the globally San Pellegrino water has its origin, you can now soak in the famous mineral water too. It is well-known for its sulphated thermal water, which is rich in calcium and magnesium, perfect for regenerating even the most tired skin and bodies. The Beauty Centre is one of the jewels of the crown of the Terme di San Pelegrino, with tailor-made massages. San Pellegrino is not too far from the lovely town of Bergamo.

Terme di Sirmione

Surrounded by the beautiful Lake Garda, in the area of the evocative Catullo Caves and the Scaliger Castle, the 5 star Grand Hotel and the 4 star Hotel Sirmione and Promessi Sposi are an excellent choice to spoil yourself. Beauty treatments, thermal massages, aromatic showers and, above all, a very big complex of indoor and outdoor elegant swimming pools complete the well-being park. The water is classified as hyper-thermal, 100% pure from bacteria and high tempered up to 69°. Its benefits on the whole body and on the respiratory system are one of the major reasons to spend at least two or three days here. Health, relax and comfort…take it easy, you’re in Italy.

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