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The Beauty Edit

How to Nail It: The Top 5 Nail Bars in London

I’m not a high maintenance girl but I’m afraid a standard file and polish just doesn’t nail it anymore! On work trips to New York, I was often envious of friends getting manicures together over champagne.

It was seen as a social experience, the beauty bit was just a given. I’m delighted that London Citizen Femmes can now partake and here are my picks of the bunch.

#1 Dryby

If there is one place that embodies the new nail salon trend, it’s Dryby. Part living room, part fashion studio this place is all muted greys, wooden floors and soft pinks. Their staff are so talented that one manicurist even has her own nail polish line! You can also get your hair blow dried by their army of miracle workers. I love to go on a Friday evening, after a workout, to indulge in a glass of champagne and start the weekend with very pretty nails. Dryby stock Nailberry, my go to organic polish and all the nudes, brights and glitters you want. I’m a regular here and still get excited every time I visit. Bookings are a breeze on their app and don’t be scared to ask for nail art, their designs are extremely chic.

Address: 74 Mortimer St, London W1W 7RZ
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7637 9477

#2 Nails and Brows

This small salon packs a big punch! Just off Bond Street, they present me with such a wonderful pallet of Essie and Kure nail colours that I often struggle to make up my mind! They cater to the quintessential Mayfair lady but ask nicely and they will indulge you in some cheeky nail art too! I have always had the neatest manicures here but what keeps me coming back is their 24/7 commitment to playing Fashion TV and chick flicks on their giant plasma. Between meetings I’ve been known to jump in the salon for a quick file and polish and leave re-energised following my mini rom-com interlude . If that doesn’t bring out your inner Girlboss I’m not sure what can!

Address: 31 Berkeley Street, Mayfair W1J 8EJ
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7499 5245

#3 Wah

This recommendation is for the Citizen Femmes that like to walk on the wild side. Sharmadean Reid opened this salon as a homage to artistic masterpieces that just happen to live on your talons. These girls are so talented I have had Keith Haring, neon leopard print and items from my fruit bowl painted on my nails! For the more modest femmes, try a classic marble effect. They are bona fide artistes! I welled up when they shut down their Oxford Street salon but if this doesn’t get you down to Dalston nothing will! Oh, and Margot Robbie goes here.

Address: 494 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AE
Tel (whatsapp): +44 (0) 7983 261672 

#4 MW Nails

As a child of the eighties, I missed out on air travel being a glamorous aspirational affair. I was absolutely delighted to stumble upon MW Nails in the corner of Spitalfields market. It’s modelled on an airplane, the staff wear air hostess uniform and on board extras include bubbles. Fly away with me already! This is sophisticated fun at its best, invite your squad for a private pamper party as Team MW fly you around the world! My top tip is to ask for a “69 Captains Cockpit”. Try to keep a straight face while you do it and you will get a luxury manicure with nails that don’t chip for two weeks! Now where’s my return flight to Bora Bora….

Address: Spitalfields market, 111B Commercial Road, London E1 6BG
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7247 0288

#4 Bliss Spa

The first place I EVER went to get a manicure was Bliss Spa in New York. They plied me with brownies and forced me to watch Sex and The City on my personal TV screen. Gosh, it was tough 🙂 So I dragged myself off to their London outpost and it was even better! A big Zen like space but still with the brownies (and cheese!) this is the place to take Monsieur Citizen Femme if he is in need of a “manlicure”! I think it would be rude not to stay for one of their famous facials though. Don’t you? Go on, I dare you!
Address: 60 Sloane Ave, London SW3 3DD
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7590 6146
Header image photo credit: TheLDNDiaries

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