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Travel Linkup; Ordering from the Travel Menu

“If you could go anywhere in the world, where would go?” I hate that question.

Could you only eat one meal for the rest of your life? Would you really only take one thing to a desert island? Do you have a favourite child? Okay perhaps a little extreme but you get my point.

There isn’t one place and it would be unfair for you to make me choose. I have wanderlust, I want to go everywhere. Please don’t make me pick one.

That being said, I unfortunately haven’t learn to apparate yet so at some point I do have to sit and decide where in the world I’ll go next.

You know what would make this so much damn easier? A menu. A simple “here’s the world’s selection” in an easy to read list. The appetisers, the mains and even the light bites all with what’s included and the price to pay. You ask a girl what she wants for dinner and she panics, “I don’t know!” You present said girl with a menu of a few choices and she’s already ordered before you’ve picked your wine. If I could choose my travels in the same way I pick my scallops and steak, why how much less stress I’d endure.

So I welcome you to Eppie’s, a contemporary bistro for the travellers and adventure seekers featuring an exotic range of dishes from all across the globe. The twist is… the Chef hasn’t tried them yet. Pull up a chair, passport in hand and pick your selection for a guaranteed authentic experience*.

*Please note that unfortunately any orders from the menu will not be passed to the kitchen as this is a fictitious bucket list created by a serial wanderluster.

The Starters

The small yet satisfying escapes


A trio of individual cities, each complimenting the next. The first, a taste of Tallinn, mixing old and new styles to a scenic sea breeze capital. Next follows Riga, a striking flamboyant bite. Lastly, Vilnius comes served as a hilly panorama packed with history and bohemian flavour.


A journey of a dish that will take you from a fishing capital to great heights on a remarkable scenic ride.


Who said cheese couldn’t come first? Begin with a sliver before heading to Zurich and Bern, Basil and Lausanne. A plate you’ll go back to again and again, never the same but always as delightful as expected.

The Main Course

A longer lasting dish for a more in-depth adventure


A journey through the wild with a trip to the Amazon mixing sounds and sights unseen before. A sample of Galapagos is served alongside, a small yet memorable adventure you’ll only find in this dish.


A feast for the senses, this selection will take you on a luxurious ride through culture and beauty. A puree of the Pink City alongside a slice of tradition, with scenic surprises along the way.


Step into a natural wonder as we travel through Tanzania following the great buffalo. Expect drama and depth with a dish that will have you on the edge of your seat at every moment.


An after dinner treat to leave a lasting impression


As sweet as its beauty, make sure to leave room for a refreshing trip to Vancouver, a meringue of peaks sprinkled in snow with soft scenic wonder at its core.


Filled with warm spices and rich in colour, Morocco will leave you wishing it would never end. A capital of culture surrounded by sands to be discovered; a truly exceptional taste of North Africa awaits.


A thin slate with two sides, beginning with a warm relaxed taste of Buenos Aires before you gradually travel south to the fresh cold air of Antarctica. Expect to be wowed with each element and to never look back as you end your escapade at the end of the world.

Now just to order, what will it be?

I know what I’ll be having … everything on the menu please Miss.

Check please!


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