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Drastic detox breaks under the Northern Lights

How serious are you about a Winter detox? Ice bathing? Yoga on ice? Forest bathing? Maybe an Arctic Spa Boat?

Citizen Femme spoke to Magnetic North Travel for their recommended short breaks. Disconnect and immerse yourself  in detoxing activities this New Year.

Forest Bathing at Trout Point Lodge, Nova Scotia, Canada

What is it? Forest bathing is the translation of “shinrin-yoku” in Japanese and involves slowing down and immersing oneself in nature to improve wellbeing. The experience involves visiting a forest for relaxation and breathing in fresh air filled with organic compounds derived from trees while disconnecting from the outside world. Studies show it can help lower stress and improve the immune system.

Where? Luxury Trout Point Lodge in Nova Scotia, Eastern Canada offers a forest bathing programme allowing guests to unwind in the fresh air surrounded by pristine forest. Guests can learn about local ecology, detoxify, enjoy forest-side massages and go foraging for edible treats. The lodge boasts an outdoor wooden hot tub and a riverside wood-fired sauna that guests can relax in after a refreshing wild swim.

Yoga on Ice at Aurora Safari Camp, Swedish Lapland

What is it? Arctic Yoga takes place on frozen rivers and lakes across Swedish Lapland. It involves lying outside on ice in temperatures as low as -25C while star gazing and practicing simple yoga poses on a reindeer skin before sipping steaming herbal tea. Studies show that exercising in the cold boosts blood circulation and increases energy.

Where? The pop-up Aurora Safari Camp is made of traditional Sami tipis and is located on a frozen lake within the Arctic Circle near Jokkmokk. The camp offers daily yoga classes of Virya Yoga – a Nordic method that focuses on biomechanics and strengthening exercises.

Ice Bathing at Kakslauttanen Resort, Finnish Lapland

What is it? Ice bathing is enjoyed by 150,000 Finns during the winter season and involves swimming in a hole in the ice of a frozen lake, river or pond. Many people in Lapland start their morning by slipping into frozen water – according to studies, the activity helps to boost energy and improve the immune system. Ice bathing is most effective when followed by a visit to a nearby smoke sauna.

Where? Luxury wilderness Lodge the Kakslauttanen Resort, 68 degrees North in Finnish Lapland, boasts seven months of snowfall and more that 200 nights of Northern Lights activity per year. The lodge has three smoke saunas located by the river, one being the largest in the world. Guests start by taking a dip in the freezing waters at the end of a jetty, before returning to the saunas.

Aurora Spa at Camp Ripan, Finnish Lapland

The Aurora Spa invites guests to wander between indoors and outdoors, heat and cold, warm water and the freezing snow. Panoramic windows offer unparalleled views of the winter landscape, and an outdoor pool provides the perfect wellness viewpoint for the Aurora at night. Camp Ripan features three different saunas, including an aroma and mineral sauna, a warm pool, an outdoor pool and a hot tub. The entire spa has been designed to offer views of the night sky – and the Aurora – at all times. Guests can enjoy a traditional Finnish spa ritual including facemasks, scrubs and body oils made from local ingredients.

Arctic Spa Boat at The North Coast of Norway

The award-winning Vulkana Spa Boat sleeps 12 and boasts a Finnish sauna, a Turkish hamam, saltwater hot tubs and a Zen lounge, all of which have panoramic views of the Arctic. Guests are encouraged to take a dip in the Arctic Ocean for maximum effect. The boat comes with a personal chef who prepares delicious meals on-board. It can be chartered for small groups from Tromso, or guests can join an evening dinner and spa cruise on selected dates. For private charters, guests can ski by day and admire the Arctic skies by night from the comfort of the Vulkana Spa Boat.

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