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An Alternative Guide to Paris

The first time you visit Paris, it will be everything you’ve ever dreamt of. Leave all those usual sightseeing spots behind and discover Paris the alternative way.

Vibrant atmosphere imbued with a Parisian vibe, meandering streets inviting you to get lost exploring them and some of the most extraordinary monuments in the world await you all in this metropolis. Instead of elbowing your way through crowds of tourists, you should explore the city’s attractions with Citizen Femme’s alternative guide to Paris.

A panoramic view from the Montparnasse Tower

While the Eiffel Tower is a must-see attraction, you should avoid standing in line for hours waiting to climb it and head to the Montparnasse Tower. This is one of the tallest buildings in Europe and the only skyscraper in Paris, for a breathtaking view of the city. Not only will you have an opportunity to see the Eiffel Tower, but you’ll also be able to soak in the panorama of Paris and its twinkling lights. You won’t have to wait and you’ll pay significantly less money for the ticket. While there, stop by the bar on the 56th floor and admire one of the most enticing views of your life over a glass of fine French wine.

Visit the Palais de Tokyo

As one of Europe’s largest centres for contemporary art, the Palace of Tokyo is certainly worth a visit, especially if you’re an art enthusiast. From exhibitions to events and performances, you can always find something interesting in the Palace of Tokyo. You can also find something interesting beneath it, too – a hidden cave known as the LASCO PROJECT. Featuring street art created by more than 60 artists in the underground stairways and passages, this cave is truly mesmerising. You can sign up for a free tour of the underground cave as long as you make a reservation in advance. Finally, the YoYo nightclub is another hidden gem of the Palais de Tokyo where you can meet some of the most prominent French and international artists.

Cruise along the canals

Although a stroll along the Seine might sound tempting and relaxing, you’ll actually have to avoid hordes of tourists. A cruise along the city’s canals, however, is a much more authentic experience that will enable you to explore Paris while enjoying a peaceful boat ride. While the locally popular Canal St Martin will take you past lovely cafes, bistros and boutiques, the 100-kilometre-long Canal d’Ourcq will reveal to you the northeast side of the city. If you just want to explore the canals, you can take a walking tour of the Canal St. Martin and discover some of the most charming parts of Paris.

Secret Food Tours

For a truly exquisite gastronomic experience, you should go on the Secret Montmartre Food Tour and explore some of the best foodie spots in Paris. There’s simply no better way to learn more about the French cuisine and its culinary history. And, of course, you’ll have an opportunity to savour some of the best treats in Paris. From cheeses, meats, baguettes and wines to chocolates, macarons and crepes, Paris’ culinary scene will satisfy even the most avid foodie.

Authentic accommodation

Since Paris is one of the most beloved and visited metropolises in the world, it’s no wonder that its most popular hotels are always booked to capacity. You have a range of options when it comes to comfortable and authentic accommodation in Paris that will make you feel as if you were home. From luxurious boutique hotels to serviced and private apartments, you just need to take your pick depending on your personal style and preferences. You will have your peace and quiet while still being in the close proximity to some of the city’s famous attractions.

The City of Lights will mesmerise you with its vibrancy and authenticity, and the best way to explore it is by discovering its alternative beauty.

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