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Is this London’s best bottomless brunch?

Sunday brunch will never be the same for you after this!

Brunch, by name and virtue, is the best of breakfast and lunch combined into one leisurely meal. However, brunch as served by The Landmark London, is a colossal naming miscalculation. Think breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner rolled into one, and you are somewhere close to the vast plethora of plates presented at this famous bottomless brunch. Set within The Winter Garden, a soaring eight-storey glass roof atrium with towering palm tress and giant orchids, expect never-ending food and champagne for two and a half hours!

The Landmark is one of London’s most luxury of hotels with a central location near Marylebone station. Served every Sunday, the champagne brunch is a gastronomic experience unlike any other. There is pretty much everything you could wish for in one meal: continental pastries, hot breakfast dishes, charcuterie, salads, sushi, artisanal breads, roast dinners, pasta, fish and then a whole buffet designated to desserts. Oh, and a chocolate fountain for some extra food flair! All of this is washed down with free-flowing champagne. Streaming may be a more apt description: the waiters are acutely attentive to topping up. After only a couple of sips, your glass will be brimming full again, which makes calculating your champagne intake impossible. My advice? Give up and sip up!

The abundance of food really is quite remarkable, and it’s all freshly prepared and regularly replenished. Highlights for me were the whole sides of vodka-cured smoked salmon, a beautifully dressed roast vegetable couscous salad, warm roasted mushrooms and a prawn curry. For dessert, there are two hot puddings alongside towering platters of caramely, chocolatey and creamy mini-treats, plus a well-stocked cheese board and the aforementioned chocolate fountain. This brunch is a food endurance test and it is hard to leave enough space to properly delve into the dazzling array of decadent desserts. But buffets adhere to no rules so who says you can’t start with dessert?!

Pacing throughout this food extravaganza is key. Fortunately, The Landmark London has thought of everything and provide unobtrusive, live entertainment so guests can take breaks between courses and enjoy piano renditions of easy-going pop hits, show tunes and classical melodies. Whilst the ambiance is elegant and smart, it’s not too formal and seating is comfortable so sitting and eating for over two hours really is rather delightful. Given that this isn’t your average Sunday brunch, a high proportion of the tables are celebrating an occasion: if you let the staff in on your secret, you can expect an extra surprise.

Overall, this is a highly civilised and indulgent way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and it’s the vast quantity and choice that makes this banquet memorable. My main advice is to arrive ravenous and definitely don’t drive. At £98 per person, this is a treat and best suited for those who really enjoy their food and are happy with an all-afternoon eating affair. Given that it’s three meals in one with all-you-can drink champagne, it is good value. It is also very popular, meaning it gets booked up months in advance so plan ahead. And that feeling that you will need to be rolled out the door is a well-known side effect, so no need to worry but assistance to move may be required.

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