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The Ultimate Influencer Beauty Travel Tips

There are three possible reasons we love travel bloggers and influencers. The first may be the astonishing photographs of places we don’t quite make it to, so we get to live vicariously through them.

The second is inspiration; they show us wonderful places we definitely need to see in our lifetime, so their destinations help us create our own bucket list. Finally, the third is all the tips and tricks they offer. Travel bloggers give you the ins and outs, dos and don’ts, and this is possibly the most important reason for which aspiring nomads love these blogs and accounts.

Of course, where there’s travel, there’s beauty hassle, but with a little help from some well travelled influencers, now we can get the entire skinny on how to survive a trip and still look nourished, well-rested and ready to relish everything our chosen destination has to offer.

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Stick to what you know

One of the best pieces of advice you’ll ever receive when it comes to keeping your skin intact, whether during your flight or your stay, comes from Julie Sarinana, the face behind the Sincerely Jules blog. She tells us that sticking to your tried and tested, Holy Grail products is the key, so it’s essential to find them all in travel sizes and bring them along for the ride.

There are times when you want to experiment with different products, but right before a trip is not the best timing. You want to stick with what you know works best for you, because in her words – the last thing you want is your skin to freak out while on vacation because of new products.

A little goes a long way

Although not a travel influencer, Desi Perkins is known for impeccable, luminous skin, and due to her numerous collaborations, the girl is always on the road. Her tip is to never be too shy to bust out a sheet mask and apply it while flying – no matter who’s watching. She even made a joke about it being quite a conversation starter, so why not be brave like Desi?

She reminded us of something we’re fairly familiar with – that planes tend to suck out all the moisture from the skin, so it’s paramount to bring all your hydration goodies in your carry-on. The list of her faves includes a moisturizer, a sheet mask and a MAC’s Fix Plus for that extra boost of hydration and replenishment.

Fresh as a daisy

Sydney’s Gary Pepper Girl, aka Nicole Warnes, is Australia’s sweetheart. Australia’s largest vintage retail power girl turned fashion blogger is known for her numerous collabs wits huge brands. Besides, she is the only digital influencer to sign on as a ambassador and a founding member of their Style Council. With collaborations come travels, and this girl has her routine perfected.

Aside from impeccable in-flight skincare (her must-have is the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate), the flawless-skinned beauty also resorts to amazing Sydney eyelashes. For those outside of Australia, try these eyelash extensions for some classic glam even when makeup-free. There is no law against looking amazing when on a plane, and a good lash will take you there. Bonus tip: after landing, make sure you spritz a bit of perfume – it gives you an instant confidence boost.

Beauty from within

We simply dare you to resist being mesmerized by the Instagram feed of Tara Milk Tea. The vibrant colours, incredible vistas, and even a fashion moment every now and then will keep you glued to this girl’s profile. In just one year, this girl goes on as many as fifty trips, and that is a lot. She’s away from her homeland for the most part of the year, and she is very diligent when it comes to maintaining her health while she’s away.

This is exactly why, aside from topical solutions, she drinks as much water as she possibly can during flights, and she makes sure she has her healthy snacks, along with probiotics. This definitely is a reminder that with a routine that focuses on health, beauty will shine through.

The final touch

Our final pick of influencers is definitely the gorgeous globe-trotter Jessica Stein. Although she agrees that general skincare is paramount during country-hopping, she does mention a little something extra that most of us often forget – the importance of lip care. All the Aussie girls are already more than familiar with her favourite lip treatment, so the rest of the world would be well-advised to get on board.

Of course, we are talking about the iconic Lucas PaPaw ointment, which is the best possible thing for the lips, especially during long-haul flights. Never forsake those lips and look fresh and kissable wherever you are.

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