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Staying Fit in The City

London City is busy, 9-6ers in suits run these streets and probably run short on time too, but that shouldn’t mean that your health and wellness should let slip.

Meeting deadlines in the office should also be met with meeting deadlines in the gym too These gyms and fitness centres in London City are perfect for those who need that sweat break on their lunch hour or to destress after a hard days work at the desk. Strip off the suit and work on you for a while. Healthy body, healthy mind.


Wanna be a rebel? Self proclaimed King of Gyms 1Rebel is the ideal place to drop in on your lunch hour. They offer ‘3 ways to play’ – Rumble, Ride or Reshape which run for 30-45 minutes. Ride is a full body workout that incorporates weights into your spin session. Rumble is a fully immersive class, a HIIT session that will push you to the limit. And Reshape is exactly what it says it is, a total reshape of your whole body using treadmills and floor exercises to condition and resculpt your muscles. The studios are cool, they’ve got their playlist on point so as soon as you step foot in the door you’re in the mood to get sweaty and get those endorphins flowing. And if you need to freshen up your locks before heading back to the office they have their very own a blow-dry bar. You can buy one-off sessions at £20 or monthly passes which range from £69 – £179 for 4 to 12 sessions or £249 for unlimited sessions per month. This is a top choice for the Citizen Femme on the go. 

Roar Fitness

Find your inner lion and let it loose. Roar Fitness was founded by olympic athletes so alongside expert personal trainers here, they truly know how to get results. This place is for those who are serious about fat loss or sports training. They offer a tailored program for each individual – nobody is the same and no body is the same either. Female fitness is very different to male fitness, and they have this down. The gym has been built by olympians, meaning the equipment is made for maximum peak performance, from the mats to the machines, they are A grade. So if you are looking to get some serious abs… this is the place! 

Another Space

If you’re in need of a beautiful place to workout in then look no further, the Bank studio is the second studio in London (the other being in Covent Garden) and is a stripped back scandi style interior which is warm and inviting. There are no memberships here, which gives you great flexibility unlike a lot of other gyms. At Another Space you simply buy a class or buy credits. Credits allow you to have a prepaid account – 1 class equals 1 credit – so you can buy as many or as little as you fancy. If you’re an early riser they have a 6:15am 45 minute HIIT session Monday through to Friday to kickstart your morning, and after class, hit the build you own smoothie bar. The facilities are stocked with everything you need to get ready – from Cowshed hair and body products to hairdryers and GHD’s as well as big fluffy towels to use after shower, they’ve literally thought of everything.

Fierce Grace

In the middle of all the hustle and bustle of the city lies Fierce Grace, a sanctuary to escape the high rise buildings and briefcases if only just for a little while. If you’re new to the studio they have an introductory offer of 30 days of unlimited classes for £39. This is hot yoga, so be prepared to sweat… a lot, in the best possible way. You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated, cleansed and oh so zen. They have classes all throughout the day with the first class at 6:45am which is their classic session and the last class at 8:45pm, which is a deep core yoga class by candlelight set to meditation music and alpha waves – the perfect way to unwind after a hard day in the office.


This place has every class you could ever imagine. If you’re a gym bunny and love a bit of everything then this is your jam. Pilates, boxing, dance, kettlebells, surfset (workout on a surfboard – no joke) – from classes you’ve been longing to try, to classes you didn’t know existed, it is all here. The studios are designed to energise and get you feeling pumped. They’ve got DJ’s, they’ve got swagger, they’ve made this gym the place to be, a gym you crave to go, not a gym you dread even the thought of. They offer pay-as-you-go or monthly (3, 6, 12 or 18 months) contracts, so you can pick and choose the kind of membership that will suit you. If you’re the type that struggles to go to the gym, Gymbox is probably going to be the one that makes you want to go.

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