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Citizen Femme Hotlist

This week’s Citizen Femme Hotlist picks out 5 must-haves which, once you’ve tried, you will wonder what took you so long.

From hair health to gut health to compact and easy travelling…


OOKONN’s distinctive circular luggage was conceptualized by Anson Shum, who used to collect vintage hat boxes from his local market and add a little fun to your luggage. Each one is fitted with an internal compression system, removable laundry bag, TSA-approved lock and 360-degree spinner wheels. Can you carry it on? No problem. The round design meets airline specifications and fits into overhead lockers.

Choose from several customisable options, including different luggage covers, luggage belts, and changeable handles. There is also the ability to personalise your purchase with a monogram, echoing Louis Vuitton. Photo Credit: Ookonn instagram

EAT THESE This bar saves lives

This Bar Saves Lives is a leading social impact brand of snack bars, with the core mission to help treat and prevent malnutrition to children around the world. In 2013, Ryan Devlin and Todd Grinnell travelled to Africa on a humanitarian trip and saw firsthand the tragedy of severe acute malnutrition in children throughout the region, but also how this condition could be effectively combated through a supplement called Plumpy’Nut®. Upon returning to the United States, Devlin and Grinnell, along with co-founders Ravi Patel and Kristen Bell, created This Bar Saves Lives. For every bar sold, they give life-saving food to a child in need.. Whilst only available in the USA now, find a way to get hold of it so we can all eat together.

USE THIS Sister & Co’s raw coconut drink, for hair

For a quick 20 minute vital fix to your hair, Sister & Co’s raw coconut drink, for your hair, is what you need. With a potent blend of cold-pressed plant oils and pure essential oils, this Sister & Co hair treatment restores and replenishes dry, damaged or colour-treated hair from within, transforming its appearance and manageability without weighing it down. Just apply to dry hair and leave for 20 minutes before washing it out, and repeat 1-2 times a week. The product includes Coconut Oil, Argan oil, Macadamia oil, Rosemary, mandarin and jasmine. Even better, its 100ml, so you can take it with you on travels.

STAY HERE The Millennials Shibuya 


Japan’s revolutionary capsule hotel concept has taken it a step further with the launch of The Millennials Shibuya Kyoto, featuring six floors of 120 high-tech multifunctional ‘smart pods’ designed by local creative outfit Tosaken.  Each perfectly formed capsule comes with a reclining bed topped with dreamy Serta mattresses – that also lift to double as a storage compartment, and everything can be controlled using an integrated iPod system, some with pull-down screens where you can project PCs for private film viewings. A key attraction is the fifth floor which is home to 20 Art Pods. Here, a different artist, designer or illustrator has been commissioned to transform the walls of the capsules, resulting in a series of colourful options, with abstract monochrome loops and sunshine yellow splashes by artist Shinpei Onishi; bold, clean-lined drawings by British illustrator Andrew Joyce; and a snappy ‘Try counting sheep, have a tight sleep’ slogan by Yusuke Kaneko.


LA Brewery has transformed kombucha into a selection of delicious drinks for those on-the-go. This Suffolk, UK, based brewery was founded by Louise Avery, in partnership with William Kendall and Mark Palmer. Their two-step fermentation process blends the original mother culture with green and black teas, followed by adding fresh ingredients that enhance the kombucha’s natural flavour. Their current selection includes lemongrass, strawberry and black pepper, and ginger.

If you follow them on social media, you will see how much this home-grown company has developed since their launch in April. Their tonics are already available at some of London’s trendiest health shops, including Planet Organic and an array of independent coffee shops. They have three flavours, lemongrass, strawberry + black pepper, and my favourite, ginger all for an instantly refreshing – and gut-loving – pick me up.

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