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Eat your way healthy around London

The UK capital has a plethora of food choices, with anything from a big gravy laden Sunday roast, to a giant slice of pizza or kebab at 4am to the best fried chicken you’ve gotten your greasy little mitts on. But with indulgence comes the need for a health kick and Citizen Femme has found the best healthy cafes in London – from East to West and North to South, we’ve got you covered.

Sometimes be a little harder to find those healthy eats your body craves – greens, salads, superfoods… But being health conscious is about to get a lot easier with our guide.



Mildred’s in Camden is vegan friendly, gluten free friendly, and feels like you’ve come home… this is one of 4 sites the others being in Dalston, Soho and Kings Cross. The atmosphere is welcoming and the food is just the same. From curry’s that will warm you on a cool day to burgers with sweet potato fries, it’s the perfect place to go for a home cooked meal – when you don’t want to cook yourself a home cooked meal.

Itadaki Zen

Itadaki Zen is the first organic, vegan Japanese restaurant in Europe, situated right near St Pancras Station. And while the idea of an all vegetarian sushi spot might sound like a foreign concept, it works. And while you won’t be gnawing on that salmon nigiri, you’ll be tempted by the tempura, the bento boxes, the udon noodles and the miso soup. Slurpalicious.

Planet Organic

Planet Organic in Islington is technically a grocery store – they have a section at the back with pre-made (on site) salads, warm foods like veggie lasagne, soups and a bunch of cakes and bliss balls. And while you’re probably not going to stay here for a long lunch, it is ideal for on-the-go good-for-you food. And of course, just like their store philosophy it’s organic, sustainable and natural. Grab your lunch, and grab something to make for dinner too.



If you were looking for the best place to grab a sweet treat without the regret – you just found it. Their motto is ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’ and while it is absolutely fine to indulge, you can find redemption in gorging yourself on raw cakes and muffins here. The rest of their menu is good too – with everything being wheat free, vegan and naturally low in sugars. They also do booze-free cocktails here – so grab a drink or two and skip the hangover.


Andina in Shoreditch is a Peruvian restaurant that uses quality British produce. This is the perfect place to go for dinner if you are craving something super fresh. From six different ceviche’s to choose from or pick something from the grill, fresh fish or grilled meat. Yes, they do have a lot of meat on the menu, but vegetarians will be okay here too – they have plenty of options for everyone. Oh and they have a killer drinks list.

Aprés Food Co

Aprés Food Co have set out to make friends with their food. And you should too! The smoothies are so good here so even if you’re just stopping by, you can grab and go. Everything is available to take away and everything on the menu is free of gluten and refined sugars. They’ve got breakfast baps, cereal bowls, muffins, pancakes – it really is a brunch lover’s dream – it’s my dream. Then lunchtime rolls around… salads, noodles, curries or go bigger with risotto or a slow cooked lamb shoulder. It really is a lunch lover’s dream… oh wait I sort of said that already. It’s good, and if you work or live in the area this is about to become your new favourite – you’re welcome.


Ahi Poké

Ahi Poké Poké bowls are all the rage lately… and for good reason. Healthy, fresh and filling. Simple right? Ahi poké have a build your own menu, which is fun or if you’re not ready to DIY just yet, grab one of their signature dishes – I’d pick the Oahu if I were you. Perfect for a lunch that will keep you going until dinner without making you feel like you’ve eaten too much. Perfect poké bowls right here!

Juice Baby

As it quite clearly states in its name… this place is all about juice – cold-pressed juice! And while I’d be happy slurping away on any of them they also have a long list of supercharged smoothies, booster shots and healthy foods too – ahh too many decisions. As well they have juice cleanse packs, so if you were looking for a kick-start to your health goals – this is it! Juice Baby also have brunch, lunch and snack options which are delicious too. But if you’re asking me… juice baby? YEAH baby!

Timmy Green

This Australian owned restaurant in Victoria is well worth a visit. Aussies are known for doing a good brunch, and this place will not disappoint… but either will their lunch menu, serving up classics like a fancy bacon roll and a healthy take on your favourite chicken parmigiana. Timmy Green is part of the Daisy Green Collection and they have sights all across London. All serving up bloody good grub!



No it isn’t a drugstore. The menu is free from any additives and chemicals and is vegan and vego friendly. Open from morning till night, each of their menus is jam packed with oh-so good for you dishes. The Earth bowls are a standout – you’ll leave feeling full, but not sluggish. Their food is designed to nourish, and they also have their famous farmacutical shots, non-alcoholic shots of course and each one offers different ingredients to boost your immunity, beautify you (not that you need it, gorgeous) and give you energy. That’s my kind of medicine.

Farm Girl Cafe

This very trendy eatery has three sites, Notting Hill, Soho and now a newly opened all-day cafe in Chelsea. Their coffee, firstly is great and they have pretty much every nut milk you can imagine. Secondly, their brunch and lunch menus are also great. They cater to all food allergies, and have an extensive range of superfoods to top off any meal you have. My pick is the Acai bowl topped with bee pollen – good for you and so tasty. (see hero picture)

By Chloe

By Chloe is famed for being bright, colourful and flavour packed. Originally from New York, they launched their first UK site in 2017 in Covent Garden. You’ll feel like you’re in a trendy diner with burgers, fries and shakes – but the difference being it is totally vegan and plant based. They’ve even got British classics like fish n’chips, shepherd’s pie and pea and ham soup. Instagram’s at the ready – the food is just as tasty as it looks in the snaps.

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