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A day in the life... Sarah Lindsay of Roar Fitness

Often my day starts fairly early. If I have early PT clients then I’m up at 4:45am, which is fine in the summer but feels like the middle of the night in the winter.

If I don’t have an early start at work or it’s the weekend then I still get up around 6am and go for a run or cycle or if I’m feeling lazy then cuddle up on the sofa and watch the news with breakfast, coffee and my cat. Breakfast is usually marinated fillet steak with spinach, tomato and maybe onion with an almond milk coffee.

The very first thing I do in the morning is eat! Even at 5am. If it’s an early start at work then I’ll have maybe 3/4 clients on the gym floor then I’ll get my second breakfast from Tossed. They do a high protein eggs and chicken pot and porridge with coconut milk, as I’ve been allergic to milk since I was a baby.

I organise my own diary for the work day. My day to day consists of training clients, nutrition consultations and retests, and new client consultations. My gym – Roar Fitness – has an amazing team of trainers, physios and nutrition coaches. We’re a close team and everyone mucks in and helps look after the day to day. We’ve created a very positive and friendly club feel so often clients stay to chill and socialise on the sofas so it really doesn’t feel like ‘work’.

I try to train in the gym 3x per week for about 45 minutes. I only weight train and I have no cardio equipment at Roar. I’m not ‘anti cardio’ as such, I just don’t think you should pay a personal trainer to watch you run on the treadmill. I like feeling strong and it’s important for women to maintain their strength and muscle mass… especially as we get a little older.

The evening is when a lot of the background work gets done. Anyone who runs their own business knows that it’s 24 hours and my business partner is also my fiancé so we usually spend our evenings being creative with ideas and brainstorming while I cook dinner and meal prep for the next day. We both have 5 meals a day and we both eat different food but I’ve pretty much got it all down to 45 minutes!

If the day’s workload does eventually get finished, I try to relax… I get quite tired after 9:30pm. I should probably read but I’m more likely to have a bath and watch music videos or some trash TV to numb my brain!

My final thought before bed?

It’s cheesy I know! But I’m getting married soon so my thoughts are pretty focused on organising that right now.

In terms of my essentials: I always carry my toothbrush with me. If it ends up a really late finish then I’ll get a hotel near work. And I never leave home without my trainers. I feel most comfortable in them. Even if I’m on a night out I have trainers in my bag as I hate walking in heels. Or… am I allowed to say I prefer to be naked?! An athlete’s body never usually suits fashion but usually looks better without clothes.

My inspiration?

I’m inspired by so many people that give me the get up and go every day. My clients who overcome their fears and insecurities and put themselves on the line to make huge life changes. Anyone who can be successful and stay kind. Single mums (my own mum, my cousin and my best friend) who manage a full time job and don’t burn out from lack of sleep.

About Sarah Lindsay

A European gold medalist, 2x world silver medalist and 10x British speed skating champion, Sarah is now one of London’s most recognised celebrity personal trainers, and is passionate about health and fitness, empowering her clients to take control of their lives.

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