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Fitness trends this Summer

Everyone wants that summer body, right? What’s in is constantly changing but we can tell that these 2018 fitness trends are going be all the rage as the warmer months start rolling in.

From our old favourites making a comeback to new trends making big waves. These are this summer’s trends that everyone will be talking about. Kit on, let’s go!


You might think that jumping up and down on trampoline is more of a child’s play activity but it is actually an excellent full body workout. So why is it good for you? Well, for starters it’s gentler on your joints than running, it is full body cardio exercise and it gets you all sweaty – oh and it helps with cellulite. Sign me up! The perfect trend to get on board with and get that body, summer ready!

Want go to a class? Some of London’s top fitness studios are jumping (get it) on board and running rebounding classes, including FRAME and Virgin Active – classes are set to music with an instructor to keep you bouncing all throughout your session. Let’s bounce!


While HIIT is not technically a new trend – it’s been around for a while now and we all know how good it is for us but it is such a good workout and should definitely be in your exercise regime for summer. It is short bursts of High Intensity training with short recovery, yes, it’s hard work – but the reward is worth the effort. It boosts your metabolism so you’ll be burning fat long after you’ve finished your HIIT session.

If you want to mix it up, try a mashup of a few different things. Another Space do a HIIT boxing class, or HIIT and Chill at FRAME, hardcore HIIT to start followed by a lengthy stretch and chill session to finish. Head to some of London’s best studios for the best HIIT classes, like Barrecore, Blok and 1Rebel – time to book in and get sweaty!

Digital Fitness

Having your own personal trainer in your pocket it the easiest way to get fit this summer. Anywhere, anytime – it is your workout! From a full personal trainer to a guided yoga session in your lounge room, you can set yourself up anywhere. Push the sofa aside and dust off your yoga mat with Pocket Yoga, it has fully guided yoga classes for you to enjoy anywhere, OM!

Or start running, get outdoors in that glorious sunshine and put foot to pavement with the original running app Nike+Run Club, a personal Nike coach in your ear, pushing you, teaching you. Run free!

Or get a full workout and diet plan with Keep It Cleaner, this new app has it al – two aussie girls will provide you with daily motivation, workouts and meal plans – If you were looking for some motivation, you definitely just found it!

Hot Pilates

Move over hot yoga, hot pilates is set to be to take the stage this season. And yes while you’re probably thinking why would I want to go to a hot class in the height of summer? The benefits of sweating it out in the pilates studio will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to head the beach with your new toned summer bod! Yoga Centric offer a Hot Pilates class to tone and strengthen your muscles but it will also detoxify you, sweat out all those weekend treats and reap the benefits of a pilates class and a detox all in one. If you’re looking to get lean and toned and ready to hit the beach – this is the perfect class for you!


If you haven’t tried or heard of F45 yet, you’re about to! Australian born, this fitness trend is not losing pace in any way shape or form, as they open in 13 countries and counting. As they put it “team training, life changing” 45 minutes of full on intensive exercise that promotes functional training, it’s training to help you improve your mobility and strength in your everyday movements. Pushing, pulling, lifting… it’s intensive yes, but with everyone in the studio working out with you, doing the same exercises as you it will motivate you, push you and make you want to be better! YES, strong! #strongsithenewskinny this one’s for the serious summer body!

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