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London's Haymarket Hotel: Wellbeing in the City

A mesmerising hotel, where diverse patterns, textures, styles and colours combine to create a harmonious, aesthetically pleasing and luxurious place to sleep, eat and play. Haymarket Hotel in London needs to be at the top of your must-stay list.

The hotel pushes boundaries, not only with its fabulously quirky décor, but with its exceptionally friendly and down-to-earth service and health-centric approach to food and fitness.

The hotel

With London’s theatre district, a five-minute walk from Piccadilly, and London’s hottest tourist spots at your feet, you will find The Firmdale Hotel’s classically modern Haymarket property. ‘Wow, Wow and Wow’ goes through your head as soon as you walk through the hotel’s doors. Yes, you know you are in a luxury hotel, but there is something different about it. Something new, friendly, approachable, tranquil.

The staff greet you with a huge smile, so you kick off your stay having a laugh with them. As you arrive, you’re taken on a tour of the hotel, if you fancy. You are generally left to your own devices once checking-in at hotels, so this extra attention was a welcome surprise.

Gliding from room to room, you are immersed into an interior design lover’s haven. From the sky-lit green and white Conservatory, to the plush jewel-toned Library, the exquisite Shooting Gallery to the funky pink hued pool and bar area, to the art-filled Brumus Bar & Restaurant. Every corner of the hotel is thought through with an immaculate eye.

This is not surprising, as the hotel’s co-founder is the famed interior designer, Kit Kemp. We were told Kit has designed each room in the hotel, and apparently always has one room under renovation, as Kit loves to keep them as fresh and up-to-date as possible.

The rooms

If you thought the rest of the hotel sounded incredible, just wait until you check-in to your room.

The Haymarket have a range of rooms including junior suites, deluxe rooms and townhouses. Yes, you heard right, townhouses. From two bedroom to five bedroom, depending what tickles your fancy, these townhouses are honestly ready for you to move right in, with a kitchen, dining area, lounge and huge bathrooms.

Speaking of the bathrooms, if you are like me and always judge a hotel by their bathrooms, Haymarket passes with flying colours. The bathrooms are (yep, I’m going to do it) #bathroomgoals, with marble splashed from floor to ceiling, huge baths with a flat screen TV to boot, amazing lighting and a perfect vanity area.

No matter what room you stay in at the hotel, they are all individual – you never know what kind of décor you’re going to get. Lucky for you, each room is decorated to perfection. The rooms are more like tranquil little spots to come and hide away from hectic London city.

It’s hard to believe you are in the midst of one of the busiest cities in the world. The beds are huge and oh so comfortable, and the bedding is luxurious. Post a very indulgent night’s sleep, you’ll want to remain under those covers in no desperate rush to leave.  Damn those check out times. The wardrobes are spacious, great for the hundreds of pieces you’ve managed to squeeze into your overnighter; the sofas are plush, and are perfect spots to chill out with a magazine and glass of wine; and hey, if you do fancy something to drink or nibble on, you’re spoilt for choice with an extensive mini bar and gourmet room service.

The facilities

Haymarket Hotel isn’t just wonderful for a great night’s stay, it has fabulous facilities to help you really get into relaxation mode. This is what drew us in!

We all love food, so the Brumus Bar and Restaurant has to be the first thing I mention. It hosts breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and drinks. For those wanting some avo and almond milk options, this is where you treat yourself.

Step further into tranquillity and enjoy time at the Soholistic Treatment rooms, where Haymarket has collaborated with Temple Spa. Enjoy glorious spa treatments, including the Power Breakfast Facial (£80 for 30 minutes), which includes a power cleanse, mask and mini massage with all the ingredients you would find for a healthy breakfast, including oats, honey and fruit juices. If you won’t eat it, why put it on your face?! Or the Champagne & Truffles Deluxe (£150 for 90 minutes) A.K.A the crème de la crème of facials, where ingredients include champagne, silk, diamonds, gold and black truffles, and works to diminish wrinkles and leaves you looking more radiant and youthful.

Fancy a work out? Haymarket has you covered with both a fully equipped gym and an indoor pool. Read more further down!

Touches like the Honesty Bar, just add to Haymarket’s charm. Whether it’s a glass of wine or a Gin & Tonic, add your name and room number to the note pad provided to be charged later… the trust lies in the guests, it’s called an Honesty Bar for a reason!

The wellness touch

Really craving that healthy hit? Beat the Londo heat with FloatFit. Haymarket has collaborated with AquaPhysical bringing a series of morning classes, essentially a classic bodyweight workout and on an oversized float in the middle of a swimming pool.

The 30 minute workout includes burpees, squats, planks and yoga poses, all whilst balancing on floating boards on the pool.  The instability of balancing on water makes your core work harder, and the water resistance is said to intensify muscle toning.

Remember to pack your gym leggings and sports bra or swimwear, and dry clothes for after the class.

Then treat yourself to Recovery Brunch at Brumus Restaurant, where you can enjoy brunch favourites such as sweetcorn chilli fritters with avocado, tomato, lime salsa and poached eggs (I had this and it was amazing!), eggs benedict, granola, veggie breakfast with crispy tofu, and even freshly baked waffles.

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