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Take these fitness hacks on your travels: tips from the Aussies

Australians, they always seem so much happier, healthier, brighter, bigger smiles, oozing delightfully chilled vibes. Is it the sun? Their products? Maybe their approach to health? Bringing some of that to the gloomy city of London, we spoke to Australian born Cameron Tew and Daniella Boynton, who launched their F45 studio in Paddington. Here are their top fitness tips for travellers we need to know!

Get it done early

Back home in Australia the early morning workout is key when it comes to setting ourselves up for a great day. It means that there is absolutely nothing that can happen throughout the day that could turn into an excuse for not going to the gym, because you’ve already done it!


Nothing helps our training more than being hydrated. We’ve found that living in a colder climate sometimes masks the signs of dehydration. In Australia, for the most part the weather is warm and especially when you’re training in the heat, you’re drinking water all day. Here we need to make a conscious effort to check in with our H20 intake. It makes such an incredible difference in your recovery from sessions and aids with muscles cramps.

Train with a mate

In such a densely populated city like London, it is sometimes a struggle to have moments of connection. Training a friend also helps to motivate you. You can both hold each other accountable.

Ditch the LONG workout

When faced with a deadline for work, family commitments or whatever it may be, what’s the first thing that goes? For most people, it is our fitness “routine” that suffers. Why? Because it is not time efficient. The Aussie’s love anything that’s quick and effective – It means more time at the beach! Instead, you should try to get in four, challenging, short workout sessions a week, a tip which transformed the lives of many, struggling Australians. Not only will you see results much quicker, you’ll also be more likely to maintain them.

You can’t out train a bad diet

You can’t counteract a bad diet by over-working out. Of course, this might seem logical and perhaps a little sensible, to work off all of the bad food you have binged on so that you can quite frankly; have your cake and eat it too. However, this is not how fitness works. The fattening foods you think are a good idea are only going to make you feel sluggish, demotivated, and will also make your skin terrible. So be mindful about your diet, and it all goes hand in hand.

Change your mindset

Think of exercise as something you do for your happiness as much as your health. If you turn around the way you think about it, whether it is for peace of mind, a break away from your work, time out, you will enjoy your workout. They say your physical health affects your mental health, and your sleep.

About Cameron & Daniella

F45 has over 500 studios in Australia alone. Cameron & Daniella were already working in the fitness industry and saw F45 as the perfect opportunity to combine their skill set, to work together and start up their own business.

Having done some research into the boutique fitness market in London and the upward trend, they moved to London to set up their own F45 studio within a month! “It was a steep learning curve, having moved across the world to start again with nothing in place other than the idea that we wanted to open an F45 studio, and there were a lot of moments of high pressure both as a couple and as business partners. We tried as hard as possible to see every hurdle or roadblock as an opportunity to learn rather than letting it de rail the train.” 

Find out more about F45 studios here.

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