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How to work out on holiday - without feeling like it

Danielle Peazer reveals the fitness tricks you can do from your sunlounger (we’re so in).

Her motto is#TrainLikeADancer but check out fitness sensation Danielle Peazer’s Instagram and she gives you serious travel envy too. Now she’s about to reveal exactly how she gets ‘that’ bikini bod to her 1.2million+ followers and beyond. The dancer-turned-PT has just launched the Danielle Peazer Method to bring a dancer’s ethos to the fitness world. Think sculpted body, but having fun as you sweat. And the best news? Danielle shows you how to workout on vacation without it being a major chore…


Yep. Another day of not waking up here 🤔 #trainlikeadancer #DPM

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Tell us about Danielle Peazer Method and how it’s different from other fitness programmes?

DP: I created DPM after being constantly asked how I maintain my figure. My response has always been the same: ‘I’m a dancer’. I’ve managed to shape and tone my physique from not only dancing, but doing all the other things we do to keep ourselves looking and feeling our best. I never actually felt like I was ‘working out’ because it wasn’t a chore, so I wanted to bring that feeling and method of training to more people, which is where #TrainLikeADancer comes in.

What’s your take on hotel gyms, can they be tricky to workout in?

DP: It can be very hit or miss with hotel gyms, which is why I always always always take resistance bands away with me. I have a pack of four that I got from Amazon and they range from easy to extra hard in their resistance. You can get a great workout in just by using one band in several different ways – it’s all about being a bit more creative and finding workouts that you can follow along with.”

What are your top tips for keeping fit while you’re on vacation?

DP: I do try and relax on holiday but there are simple things you can do, like walking or hiking. Whether it’s on the beach or exploring the town, it’s so easy to clock up steps while you’re on holiday without realising it. Try and utilise jet lag (yes, really). I make the most of being jet lagged and see it as a chance to get a workout in, rather than tossing and turning in bed trying to sleep when my body doesn’t want to.


HEALTH ✨ It’s not just about being active, or about drinking a fresh juice (see this weeks YT video 💁🏽) it’s also a mental thing. I spoke about it a little at @befitlondon_ a few weeks ago and the number of ladies that came up to me after and thanked me for talking about it was so overwhelming. Dancing has kept me toned yeah, but it’s also helped me stay level headed and deal with life situations that I may have found even harder had it not been for being active. I noticed I felt worse when I wasn’t exercising and now make sure I go to classes for my mental state rather than just so I feel good in a bikini (although it’s an added bonus) 💪🏼#mentalhealthawarenessweek is this week, but people have to deal with these issues every day, if you’re struggling please talk to someone, a little chat can go such a long way ❤ I’ve not been asked or paid to post this FYI – just shedding light on a topic that is so important and relevant to me ✨ @mentalhealthfoundation @mindcharity

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Do you tend to switch up your diet much when you’re away travelling?

DP: I find myself eating so much more fruit and fresh salads when I’m away – I crave them when I’m in hot temperatures and it’s a great way of looking after yourself from the inside out. I also drink loads more water – my H2O intake goes right up when I’m away in a hot country.


Back from paradise (fully jet lagged 😑) and ready to get into Autumn and be cosy AF 🙌🏼🍂🌲

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Any sneaky poolside/sunlounger exercises you can do to workout as you get your tan on?

DP: A bent knee jackknife (type of sit up) is great to do while you’re sunbathing as they don’t involve any major movements but they’re an amazing workout for your abs. If you’re lying flat then glute bridges are another simple one to try. If you do it right, you’ll feel the burn but you can reward yourself with a dip in the pool!

What are your ultimate destinations that you haven’t visited yet?

DP: I’d love to visit Thailand, Japan and Bora Bora – they’re all on my list.

Tell us about your favourite fitness/wellbeing/yoga retreats so far?

DP: Last year I visited Switzerland for the Peak Health Retreat and loved it. We did morning yoga, daily hikes, and really learnt about our bodies and how to look after ourselves better. My boyfriend and I also went to a place called The Body Holiday in St Lucia. They have an entire wellbeing area with full gym, treatment rooms, and loads of classes throughout the day, as well as excursions and activities. It was so great to try out new things like rock climbing and salsa classes.

I woke up wanting to be back in Switzerland with @peakhealthswiss which is EXACTLY where I’ll be this August as a guest teacher for mine and @tessward ‘s #filthyhealthycravings takeover. I’ll be covering the fitness/movement element teaching @daniellepeazermethod whilst Tess will be providing us with some of the most delicious and carefully curated menu to keep us going throughout the week. I’m so excited to get the chance to show more of you #DPM, you can find out more via the link in my bio ✨🏔💪🏼 #trainlikeadancer #daniellepeazermethod

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How important is music to you for motivation while you’re working out?

DP: I don’t understand how people can workout without listening to music. It’s the backbone of DPM because, being a dancer, the music is so important to the tempo and style of our moves. I’m constantly keeping my ears open for new artists and tracks that will help get me in the mood and help me push through when I’m doing a tough workout.

You might be expecting a caption referencing me going to the gym to work off all that Easter chocolate. NOPE 🤦🏽‍♀️ I exercise because I want to, when I want to, the fact that I’ve eaten my body weight in chocolate is a totally unrelated fact of life, but an achievement nonetheless 😂💁🏽🍫 If you want to workout this weekend there’s an entire playlist on my YouTube channel featuring full body workouts – link in bio 🔥 #trainlikeadancer #DPM

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Tell us what’s on your workout playlist for Summer ’18?

DP: I always love listening to Calvin Harris as his music has so much energy! At the moment I’m loving Cardi B – I find her songs give me a sense of aggression (but in a good way), to attack my workout and get the most out of it.

What’s your ultimate fit kit for vacays?

DP: I’m more of a leggings rather than shorts type of girl so I’ll always pack a few pairs of those. There’s usually an unnecessary amount of sports bras and usually only one pair of trainers that I know will work for whatever type of exercise I want to do. I’ll grab these Nike Flex TR8. For spa/swim, I love Triangl bikinis and I also a recently discovered Chiquelle who do some great swimwear.


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