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The Siam: Art Deco Meets Antique in Bustling Bangkok

Far from the fuss of Bangkok’s hot, heaving city centre, The Siam hotel is a serene urban utopia on the banks of the Chao Phraya. And not only is this exquisite riverside resort an escape to a calmer and cultured historic district, it’s a portal to the Thailand of yesteryear.

With every corner curated to perfection, The Siam tells an alluring tale of old world Siamese opulence – here in amongst the innumerable vintage curios and museum-worthy antiques, you’ll discover a hotel experience quite unlike any other.

The design

Conceived by rock star owner, Krissada Sukosol Clapp, and iconic designer Bill Bensley, The Siam is a major head-turner in the world of design hotels. Built to house Krissada’s substantial collection of antiques, this heritage-style sanctuary masterfully intertwines the old with the new in a luxurious art deco-meets-antique fusion – but just for a fortunate few to enjoy.

The Siam hotel. Bangkok, Thailand.

The Siam hotel. Bangkok, Thailand.

With only 39 suites, The Siam feels like a private paradise. There’s something in the quiet courtyards and the immersive historical interiors – not to mention the immaculate service – that makes you feel much less of a hotel guest and far more of an inner circle invitee. You’ll want to float around in the latest Gucci frills soaking up the simultaneously grand and eccentric energy of the place – find yourself a restored chaise lounge and take it all in.

The Experience

Not all design hotels are made equal. Some are sexy and minimalist, others are plush and playful. And The Siam? Absolutely captivating. Trust us on this, you’ll be checking in to one of the most fascinating hotels there ever was. In fact, far more than a hotel, staying at The Siam epitomises the true luxury of travelling – it’s got nothing to do with the expense and everything to do with the experience.

Just about everything you lay your eyes upon here will have a curious history. Rare photos of monarchs and jazz stars hang on the walls; a vintage leopard skin lays sprawled over a grand piano; first edition albums by the Beatles sit beside a record player, waiting to be enjoyed. And this is just in the vinyl room.

You’ll need to set aside an afternoon, summon your private butler, and take the full hotel tour – you can only imagine the quirks and curiosities to be found in the library, the screening room and elsewhere. The seductive Opium Spa too is equally full of surprises – treatment rooms are far from bland and standard, and there’s even a specially consecrated space devoted to the inking of sacred Sak Yant tattoos for those who wish to immortalize their stay in this Thai design heaven.

The Rooms

Suites at The Siam are as luxurious as you’d hope. Even the smallest is apartment-sized and very Instagrammable. Walk-in wardrobe areas keep the unpacking mess out of the way and spacious bathrooms with their chic soaking tubs make bathing multiple times a day a total joy – you’ll need to in the Bangkok heat.

If you’re on a Southeast Asia splurge, don’t hesitate to book a Pool Villa… if you want to feel like Bangkok royalty that is. The glossy tiled private plunge pools are quite the fabulous chill out spots. After all, The Siam is a tribute to the grand old days under King Rama V.

The Neighbourhood

The only luxury hotel in Bangkok’s historic Dusit district, culture-seeking femmes will appreciate The Siam’s riverside location. And what’s not to love about being a stone’s throw from the Bangkok of old? Especially when exploring is as glamorous as The Siam makes it. Hop in the hotel’s private boat and head downstream in search of majestic temples and palaces, vibrant markets and super-spicy street food. Take the Portier smartphone from your room for all your Wi-Fi hotspot and on-the-go guide needs – that way you’ll be able to conquer Bangkok with next to no research. The Siam makes it oh so easy.

The Food

Don’t feel bad to skip the street food scene and dine in-house – The Siam is quite the foodie affair with its cooking school and handful of restaurants. Yes you’ll be paying western buck for Thai classics, but that’s probably a small price for stomach security. Gourmet femmes should aim to stay on a Wednesday or Saturday night to enjoy Tha Nahm Siam, a divine nine-course Thai tasting menu served on the hotel’s pier.

Failing that, we recommend ordering just as many scrumptious dishes from the free-flowing breakfast menu and tasting your way through the lot. Keep space for the fluffy French toast – you can burn it all off in the hotel’s very own Muay Thai ring.

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