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Affordable Michelin Restaurants

If you’re anything like me when you go travelling then you’re first thought is where should I eat? But dining out can be expensive, especially if you want to experience the best of Michelin dining.

‘Starts typing best restaurants in … Paris/London/Hong Kong… into google’ and you’ll end up with a long list of very beautiful Michelin starred restaurants, and if it has a star, or two or three, you know it’s the crème de la crème of fine dining. We all love good food, and we would all love to dine in the best of the best restaurants. Right? Of course. But sometimes dining in the world’s best can be a little harder on the bank balance than we’d like – BUT in all my travelling and research I’ve come to find that even some of the best can be within reach of any budget. Here you’ll find some of the most affordable Michelin restaurants in the world!


With its plethora of best restaurants – even those without that elusive star, London is a foodies dream and the choices are endless which in turn can make it even more difficult to pick the perfect place. But these two restaurants are both excellent and both michelin starred.

Social Eating House

Sitting below one of London’s best bars is Social Eating House, from famed chef Jason Atherton. The setting is relaxed, comfortable in and their words humble. The lighting is moody and the drinks list is extensive. The food is a contemporary take on a tradition bistro menu with all integrated sourced seasonally and locally. The best time to go for an affordable meal at Social Eating House is at lunch time between 12:00 and 3:00pm, when they offer up a set menu of 3 courses and paired with a wine carafe or cocktail for under £36.00.

Harwood Arms

If you were looking for a way to feed in the British pub culture while also enjoying a michelin star meal then the Harwood Arms is the place to book into. This is the only pub in London with a star and for good reason, set in the back streets of Fulham, a pretty suburban neighbourhood of London. You can walk in and feel immediately at home, the food is expertly crafted pub dining, think starters of english cheddar or liver pate, mains of hearty meats and seafood and desserts f meringue, poached cherries and trifle. They’ve turned pub grub on it’s head here and it’s most certainly worth a visit. With a full menu set for lunch and dinner under £50 or go for lunch with their 2 course set menu under £30, while drinks aren’t included they are reasonably priced too!


The home of fine dining and culinary delights! French cuisine is at the forefront of what most chefs aspire too and when you’re in the city of love, that should extend past the lustful glance at the pastries through a window and find your love of food! These two restaurants are petite, gorgeous and c’est délicieux!


This restaurant is quintessentially paris, classic french fare at its finest and the only original french bistro still making the michelin grade. At £35 the lunch menu offers a wide selection of the classic cuisine to indulge. Fromage, Tartare and terrine to start followed by fresh seafood, snails and finished off with decadent french dessert. Perfectly positioned on a gorgeous street corner in the beautiful area of Le Marais. The interior and decor is delicate and refined, with pretty plates and great glasses of wine. Be sure to book into this one on your next weekend Paris.


Less classic parisian and more modern this restaurant oozes modern rustic charm, with a paired back interior and a waitlist to get in – this is the place to be, and everybody knows it! Winning the sustainable restaurant award last year in 2017, the menu prides itself on being seasonal, fresh and of course delicious. And while you may need to plan ahead to get into this michelin starred restaurant, it is absolutely worth it and reasonably priced for such a hot spot, book in for Lunch Tuesday through Friday for a 4-course tasting menu at £37.


Who doesn’t love New York? The best city in the world, as say might say. With the food scene here ranging from street hot dogs, to some of the best Jewish and Italian corner restaurants you’ll find anywhere. To say that the options are endless would not be a lie and these options for a starred meal are absolutely worth a visit and while maybe a little more expensive than the rest – but they are affordable… in a New York sense.

Dalloway and Hudson

Recently adorned with their very first michelin star just this year, the Brooklyn based restaurant serves up regional, farm fresh, seasonal food. They don’t offer a tasting menu so the price point is really up to you; pick a starter, a main and a nice bottle of wine and you’re all set. Don’t expect the white table cloths to be laid out here, the space is small with only 38 seats. This spot is all about good food done really well – and they also do a killer brunch!


New York’s very first Korean barbeque restaurant. This one is not for the vegetarians amongst us – their slogan is meat+fire+booze=smiles! Go here for the Butchers Feast, it’s only £35 per person and worth every penny – the butcher selects for you the 4 best cuts of meat and is presented at each table which all have their own grill, leave the flipping to the servers – they know what’s best, you can just sit back enjoy and watch michelin starred food be prepared right in front of your eyes. They love great cocktails here too so make sure you settle in for a long dinner and delicious drinks!


The capital of Japan and one of the busiest cities in the world. With food in the capital oozing out of every street corner, alleyway and shop front where do you even begin? With some of the best food the world has to offer Japanese cuisine is as fresh as it comes! Sashimi? Yes. Ramen? Of course! The detail in which the dishes are made, prepared and served in Japan is elegant, refined and always with the most hospitable service you can imagine.


Comfort food at it’s finest, quite literally – the first ramen restaurant to be award the elusive star is Tsuta. Ramen is a staple of the Japanese diet, and if you’re going to try it then you may as well have the very best. Walking past you might not even notice it, but make this your first stop of the day. They only serve about 70 meals each day and once it’s gone, it’s gone. There’s no reservations here, you simply arrive, pick your time slot, get your ticket and wait. But trust me it is well worth the wait and with the bowls of goodness only costing about £15 at the most you could go back here again and again. Tsuta’s star parallels that of Hong Kong hole-in-the-wall Tim Ho Wan, the dim sum house that was billed as the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant when it was first inducted.


You can’t go to Japan and not go for sushi! Saito holds 3 Michelin stars and the sushi chef is quite literally one of the best in the world. While nearly impossible to get into – the counter only seats 8 people at any given time, there is no website and the booking system has a long wait. The best way to get into this small exclusive spot is by invite (if you’re friendly with a regular diner) or book the private room which seats 7, or simply plan well in advance and nab a reservation at the world’s best sushi restaurant – book in for the dinner course and it will only set you back about £25.

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