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5 beauty essentials you need for a heatwave

Whether you’re in the midst of a heatwave or jetting off to the sunshine, being unprepared for the heat can unravel even the most seasoned of travellers. But, invest in the right beauty heatwave essentials and follow the correct routine and you’ll feel fresh whatever the weather.

Creating a barrier around the skin doesn’t just protect it against a barrage of problems caused by the sun’s rays. It also leaves you feeling fresher and calmer in the heat of the day.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Without air con, sleeping is nearly impossible in temperatures over 25°C. That’s why it’s essential to make your sleeping environment as cool as possible. Keep the windows open during the day and add a sheet to your bed instead of a heavier duvet.

A pillow spray is a great investment all year round, but the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is particularly good for a heatwave. The mixture of lavender and chamomile leaves your whole room feeling calm and cool before your head has even touched the cold side of the pillow.

Mavala Alpine Micro Mist

Mavala Skin Vitality is a must-have-mist for warm weather. Keeping a face mist in your bag along with a refreshing bottle of water will neutralise your temperature when you’re on the go.

This Alpine Micro Mist doesn’t just cool your skin, it also wakes up a fatigued complexion and energises it. The consistency is ultra-fine, so you can spritz it before or after make-up to create a natural highlighter effect; perfect for hot days when you’re trying to keep your make-up to a minimum.

Rodin Luxury Face Oil

Getting regular facials throughout the year is a great way to keep track of your skin. Ask your therapist to offer advice on the types of products your skin needs. When subject to more sun than usual, skin can become dehydrated; this is when face oils can help.

Rodin’s Luxury Face Oil is packed with quality ingredients designed to nourish the skin when it needs a bit of attention. This particular oil has cold-pressed apricot kernel oil as an ingredient, making it the perfect skin soother.

Neal’s Yard Frankincense Essential Oil

Similar to the face, the body benefits from oil in the summer, too. Oil deeply hydrates and soothes the skin and if it’s combined with a moisturiser, that’s even better.

When the weather is inescapably hot, try adding five drops of this essential oil into your shower gel. Frankincense relaxes, freshens and uplifts the body offering you the perfect end to a hot day.

Origins SPF 40 Age Defence Moisturiser

It’s important to add an SPF to your morning routine whether it’s sunny or not. This age defence moisturiser doesn’t just protect you from the sun, though. It also offers a protective bubble against pollution and other environmental factors. When it’s particularly hot out, pollution in the air can stagnate, making the need for a defence even greater.

Origins recently increased their moisturiser from SPF25 to SPF40 and whilst the consistency is a little heavier, the protection is wonderful. Allow it to soak into your skin before putting make-up on though, so it doesn’t slide off.


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