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Safari Spotlight on: Meg_Legs

Travel blogger Megan of Styled Avenue and her Instagram @Meg_Legs was created in the summer of 2013.

She started her social media life on the side while working two other jobs. Dressing to her mood and experimenting, with a love of fashion, she draws inspiration from people on the street, colour palettes, magazines, but always staying true to each day and how she feels.

She lives in Salt Lake City with her two Pomeranian dogs when she is not jet setting around the world.

Preferred name, insta handle, and where you call home?

My name is Megan… AKA @Meg_Legs and I call SLC, Utah my home!

What was your most magical moment in Kenya?

My most magical moment in Kenya was when the group went to visit the locals in their homes as well as checking into the Fairmont Mara location!!

Go on, tell us your approximate luggage count for Kenya?

AHH, of course, I pack the most to Africa! I always travel with a carry on luggage and hardly ever check bags in, This time I decide to go the opposite direction and pack 2 huge check-in bags! Estimated weight.. I CAN’T EVEN SAY!

Did you take any extra camera kit, and did you find photographing the wildlife challenging?

Yes, Take your biggest lens out on the safari! You want to capture the animals up close and personal (camera style).

Your one essential for the early morning drive wake-up calls?

One essential for my early morning wake up call… NOTHING… I’M IN AFRICA (heart eyes)!

Give us a rundown of your favourite look from Kenya.

My favourite look in Africa has to be the look I’m wearing out in the wild. We finally got to get out of our car during our safari and stood by this one single tree and our jeep. It was so pretty and early am! Perfect time!

Woke up at 5am for the best safari views every inch of our drive 🙌🏽🦓🐆 || @fairmontmara @spotlight_coms @citizenfemme

A post shared by 🌵M E G/ Style’d Avenue🌵 (@meg_legs) on

What were your five key beauty essentials for Kenya?

The key products for beauty were my mascara, as for my skincare routine (I use to be an aesthetician 24-7 so that’s huge for me) face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen much needed as it’s so hot there.

Please tell us your can’t-live-without clothes/shoes/accessories that you took to Kenya.

I could not live without my…ZARA Africa collection sweater… I had two that made the looks more fun.

Yes, read above! I had two… I can’t take the second place away from that!

Doc Martens. Yes. they came back to the closet and made me a happy gal!

Sunnies… I’m a sunnies kinda girl so I love my Ray Bans with me 24-7.

Camera strap from Nena & Co… does that count? Life can’t be real until you have that camera to document dream destination.

Army style shorts.. Urban Outfitters has a ton of killer styles that I love & still wear to this day head wraps and turbans- I have a major obsession with those things.

Day 1! Zebras, Lions, Elephants oh my🎵🎶 _________________ @fairmontmara @spotlight_coms @citizenfemme

A post shared by 🌵M E G/ Style’d Avenue🌵 (@meg_legs) on

What do you wish you’d packed for Kenya that you didn’t take?

I wish I took seven more suitcases so I can stay an extra month! Definitely my top destination so far! I LOVE KENYA!

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