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Orveda: Luxury vegan skincare worth packing in your suitcase

Natural skincare is popping up everywhere and changing the way we think about how we treat our skin. Discover the luxury vegan brand that has caught my eye and could even win over green beauty cynics in this Orveda skincare review.

As someone who has taken the organic leap with my diet (most of the time, admittedly), skin care rooted in the principles of nature seemed like the, er, natural next step.

One brand leading the way is Orveda and after trying their products I can tell you nature really is a force to reckon with whether you’re a green queen, or a steak and eggs kind of gal!

Created by Sue Y. Nabi, the CEO of both L’Oreal and Lancome for a combined 20 years, and her business partner Nicolas Vu, Orveda products are the equivalent to having your own skincare industry expert in your bathroom, day and night. Orveda means origin of Ayurveda (“or” meaning “origin” and “veda” from Ayurveda/the philosophy of encouraging the skin to heal itself). Combining these Ayruvedic principles with the power of prebiotics, Orveda’s highly concentrated products work to literally bring your skin back to life.

The benefits of enzymes, pro and prebiotics for proper gut health and digestion have been the talk of the town lately, but the use of them in skincare is something new and something not to be overlooked. This might all sound a bit scary, or too much to keep track of, but it’s really quite simple – much like in our tummys, these little handy helpers work with skin’s natural microflora to protect and restore the skin. Orveda maximises the use of these super-effective prebiotics to help balance the skin, while their bio-marine enzymes work to prevent visible signs of aging.

With regular use you can expect rejuvenated skin that’s hydrated, plump and glowing so you can say goodbye to heavy make up once and for all.

I’m already a huge fan of their Healing Sap which contains 10 active ingredients that instantly leaves skin glowing from within. Used AM and PM after lighter serums and before moisturiser, I noticed an immense difference in skin tone and luminosity within just five days of use. It also smells like a dream. (£125)

Another must have Orveda product is their Nutritive Plumping Massage, an overnight mask that works wonders on dehydrated skin. Like all of Orveda’s products, you only need the tiniest bit of this on your face to notice amazing results by the time you’re hitting snooze for the fifth time the following morning. (£180)

For balanced, exceptionally cleansed skin, Orveda’s Cleansing Bamboo & Enzymatic Water works miracles. A micellar solution at heart, this dream tonic not only removes every inch of makeup and pollution accumulated throughout the day, but leaves skin so radiant I could barely believe my mascara-free eyes. (£80)

If this wasn’t amazing enough, probably one of the best things about Orveda’s line is that it allows you to simplify your daily skin routine by combining all the benefits you want out of skin care in the least amount of products. Their Sheer Brew Botanical Gel does just that by harnessing the power of bamboo water and two hyaluronic acids to provide skin with 8 hours of hydration revealing skin that looks firm, lifted, and incredibly moisturised. Pop this in the mini-bar whilst away on holiday for a post-beach skin refresher. (£270)

All of Orveda’s products are backed by some serious research and clinical tests. Their website lists the proven benefits of each product for every skin tone and skin type, making it easy to choose products to suit your specific needs, so you can take the guessing out of skin care and put that well-saved time towards deciding where to show off your new, fabulous skin.

The product line ranges in price and does sit at the higher end of the skin care spectrum, but it is innovative and intelligent with high concentrations of active ingredients, so a little really does go a long way. What’s best is that you will actually notice results in less time than it takes for your latest ASOS purchase to arrive.

The Orveda to To Kit is available in store at Harvey Nichols or Saks Fifth Avenue, or via telephone order. Full sized products are available online. Shop below!


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