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Top Tips for Healthy Skin on-the-go, by Expert Renée Lapino

How do you feel and look like a million dollars? Ask Renée Lapino, skin expert, or London’s skin guru, if you will. She is the beauty brains behind the flawless complexions of the A-list and is sharing what we want to know – top tips for healthy skin on-the-go.

From city smog and pollution to the impact of travel on your skin, Renée will be answering your questions to solve your travel skincare dilemmas.

How does travel stress impact the skin?

Unfortunately, stress takes a major toll on the skin, because it causes a chemical response in your body that stimulates hormones like cortisol, which tells the skin glands to produce more oil. Oily skin is prone to breakouts, and a myriad of other aesthetic concerns, such as greasiness and t-zone shine. These hormone fluctuations also sensitise the skin, making the complexion more reactive to not only products, but the environment as well.

For stressed skin it is best to use a gentle cleanser that will support the skin, without stimulating more cellular activity – I recommend Cleanser 27 Cleansing Balm. Cleanser 27 is a 3-phase action cleansing and make-up removal balm that also softly exfoliates the skin. Its natural balm texture transforms into oil when massaged to remove the makeup while the Bamboo powder gently exfoliates the dead cells, therefore combining cleansing and exfoliation in 1 step.


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Look at my patient @fleurandrea’s glowing skin! Like me, she is a huge fan of @mzskinofficial Brighten & Perfect Serum. I chose it for her because she has combination skin and is obsessed with her pores. (Clearly, we are doing well. Cause um, what pores??) Brighten & Perfect is great for ALL skin types, but especially city dwellers, as the 10% Vitamin C is incredible at fighting off the damaging affects of pollution. @goldfadenmd Radical Difference is a lighter feeling serum with a fast absorbency. I choose it for acneic and oily skins, as well as older patients fighting aging, as it VISIBLY firms the skin, in addition to keeping those free radicals at bay. @alliesofskin 1A All-Day Pollution Repair Mask is another one that is incredible for city dwellers, as it contains 16 powerful antioxidants, in addition to hyaluronic acid and yummy brighteners. I have been layering it over my Brighten & Perfect every day this week – it gives me the most incredible glow, and I feel safe knowing that they both are fighting to protect me all day long. @zoskinhealth_uk is a favorite of mine for reactive patients, as well as patients who are new to antioxidants. Packed with Ultrasomes, Vitamin E, Ceramides and Matrixyl 3000, it helps to restore barrier function whilst redensifying your complexion. A little secret? This serum also contains a very small percentage of Retinol, therefore making it a great way to introduce the skin to this powerful ingredient with no downtime. These 4 are in constant rotation in my regime, and have been in my skin life for quite a while, so I know them inside out. Questions? DM me. Want personalized advice? Book in a consultation. In Clinic or virtual, I have answers.🌟

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The skin is moisturised, soft and supple. Dry and dehydrated skin no longer suffers from sensations of itching and pulling, and the complexion appears revived, and more radiant immediately. The best part? This balm comes in a 50ml pot, so it is great for travel and will not leak!

How does sleep play a role in the skin? What do you recommend to help promote healthy sleep?

Your body boosts blood flow to the skin whilst you sleep, which means that good sleep ensures you wake up with a healthy glow. Skimp on sleep, and your complexion will appear dull, ashen and lifeless. Sleep deprivation causes a decrease in the blood blow to your entire body, as well as your face. Your skin will become drab and grey on your face and limbs.

I recommend no screen time an hour before bed, and a dark, cool room. I personally use the copper-infused Illuminage Skin Rejuvenating eye mask every night to protect me from the early morning light disturbing my zzz’s. This mask is so simple yet so effective – the copper oxide fibres get to work enhancing the skins natural renewal qualities, and continuous use delivers visible results after 4 weeks. The sleek copper coloured silk looks great on the plane, or your hotel room, win-win.


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Starting effective regenerative treatments at the right age is very important. However, it is your skin condition that determines when to begin, not the number of candles on your last birthday cake. While you do not want to start anti-ageing treatments unnecessarily early, it is even more important that you begin whilst your skin is still producing collagen, and your cellular turnover cycles are easily stimulated. If that all sounds more confusing than helpful, book in to see me for a complimentary consultation at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. You only have one face – let me help you glow! ✨

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What small fixes/pick-me-ups can help with stamina, rather than sugar and caffeine?

In addition to a healthy balanced diet and 2+ litres of water a day, I recommend 2 supplements to my patients to increase their energy and improve their stamina. I start every patient on Nature’s Sunshine Chlorophyll, which is a liquid supplement. You stir 1 teaspoon into 8 – 16 ounces of water, and drink it twice a day, preferably morning and evening. When travelling, however, capsules are the way to go, and I prefer Nature’s Way, Chlorofresh, Chlorophyll Concentrate Capsules. In the human body, chlorophyll stimulates the production of red blood cells, therefore increasing the oxygen levels of the entire body, and improving digestion, hydration, and collagen production, yielding a slimmer silhouette and a glowing complexion.

If all of your travel adventures are sapping your energy, I recommend ATP supplements. Nutritional supplements designed to increase adenosine 5′-triphosphate (ATP) concentrations are commonly used by athletes to increase physical performance. ATP is the primary source of energy for the cells, and supplementation may enhance the ability to maintain high ATP turnover during high-intensity exercise – or airport sprinting – in addition to assisting with that critical vacation glow.

How important is it to stay nourished on the inside too?

Diet is absolutely crucial for healthy, glowing skin, and stable energy levels while travelling. Unfortunately, there is so much conflicting advice in the media and on the internet today, that people struggle to control their weight, work out, and properly nourish themselves. I recommend checking in with a nutritionist, just for a check-up, to obtain some tips and tricks for your own kitchen menu. This is essential for all of us, not just when we are travelling! I see holistic nutritionist Emily Clarke in London, but she also offers virtual consultations for her patients all around the world!

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