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Sweaty Betty Guide to London's Hottest New Workouts

Good things come to those that sweat. London’s fitness scene could not be hotter, and with the variety out there, you’ll never be bored.

Scroll through Instagram and its not so much a bowl of M&Ms and a glass of wine, but squatting videos and protein shakes. We suggest balance. Turn your workout up a notch followed by snapping away your evening vino.

Before you know it, you’ll be overhearing, “Look at her butt” in the best looking gym gear around. Here’s our guide to London’s Hottest New Workouts.

The Studio at No. 1 Carnaby Street

You could spend the whole day here. Shop the Sweaty Betty collection, work out with one of their varying workout takeovers each day from yoga to HIIT, enjoy your avo toast at the Farmgirl Café, followed by a Duck & Dry blow dry.

Other workout takeovers include Paola’s Body Barre, Gymclass, Yogarise, The Model Method and our favourite, Fight Klub – Drum’N’Box which is a high intensity workout mixing regular boxing with kick boxing and Thai boxing.

Sweat It!

Stripped back. Functional. Raw. Barry’s Bootcamp who? Here is another level of high-intensity, treadmill based group exercise; Sweat It.

Prepare to be put through your paces on the treadmill, combined with the rig with exercises including landmines, Olympic bars, and resistance band. The emphasis is speed, endurance, with classes focusing on different parts of the body: Heart & Hustle, Engine Room, Machine Guns, Ripped & Stripped, Pillar Killar or Compound60. #respecttherig


For someone who doesn’t have the desire for self punishment with exercise but still wanting effective results, brand new fitness studio brings together two essential and complimentary low impact fitness disciplines; Vinyasa Yoga and Low Impact Training.

A large luxury yoga studio equipped with multi-sensory, cinematic visuals and curated playlists, as well as a smaller LIT studio featuring top of the range equipment, FLY LDN is fast becoming the workout studio of choice for busy Londoners who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and re-define the way in which they exercise.

Soma House

SOMA House represents a new chapter in the way people experience Hot Yoga, Indoor Cycling, Barre and TRX classes.

Find your all-encompassing workout in the 45-minute signature class combining dance-inspired hot flow with Pilates sculpting and core work. If you find yourself tied to your desk, try the Elementals Hot Yoga System – a slow, deep flow where you focus on holding postures longer, designed to help with neck issues, tight shoulders and hips. You leave feeling like you had a great physio session.

Boom Cycle

Start your day with a boom. They offer a full body workout with low light and loud music. Whether you like a dirty base or house music, each ride will leave you with the feel good factor. A shake bar is on hand to provide Neat Nutrition shakes for that post-ride hit and recovery. There’s a reason Boom Cycle is one of the most popular fitness communities in London. So popular they not have studios in Holborn, Hammersmith, Monument and Battersea.

If coffee doesn’t get you out of bed, this does. (They have lunchtime and evening classes, too)

DeRose Method

The Brazilian method that turns yoga on its head. Don’t expect the usual downward dogs, nor any two classes to be the same. For starters, the floor is padded, so feel brave in any position you venture into. Move from breathing to asanas to meditation.

The list of benefits include strength, flexibility, emotional balance and a sharper mind to help you excel at work and in your relationships. Now that’s a mighty old list to achieve in a one hour class. But surprise yourself, you may leave with a whole new life perspective.

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