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The Upper House: Calming Luxury High Above Hong Kong

There’s no wandering into The Upper House Hong Kong – the “journey” from street level traffic to sky high tranquillity takes a little more than that. It’s all very symbolic and soul-soothing.

On the peaceful escalator ascent, there’s no squeezing in, no standing on the right, and definitely no hurried commuters. Every second of the effortless upward glide brings you a moment closer to the ginger verbena-scented, high-design sanctuary that is The Upper House – a welcome world away from the crazy streets below.

Welcome home

Designed by Hong Kong architect Andre Fu, there’s a hint in the name as to The Upper House’s vibe. At this super chic luxury hotel, you’ll be greeted with a warm “welcome home” and an air of understated calmness – the design and ambience here are almost private residence-like. But what really makes The Upper House feel “homey” is also what makes it so luxurious: it’s the personalisation and the pace. Forty-something floors above Hong Kong’s busy Admiralty, there’s a privileged feeling of immunity from the big city rush below and a sense that no request could ever be too much. Guest experience here is everything, and right down to the coffee table books, it’s so perfectly curated.

Eye for Design

You might expect a little bit of personalised pampering from Hong Kong’s best. Other luxuries, however, aren’t so easy to come by in the city. Here in this sky-scraping urban jungle, the true luxury is space, and the sheer abundance of it is exactly what’ll strike you at The Upper House.

Ceilings soar to some 4 metres; lounges and lobbies are minimalist and open; entry level rooms are by far the biggest in the city. Check in anywhere else in Hong Kong after a stay at The Upper House, and however swanky it might be, it’ll feel like a YMCA – trust us on that!

Rooms To Remember

It’s easy to daydream here – if you were a multi-millionaire with condos all over Asia, you’d almost certainly want an Upper House-style pad in the portfolio. All of the 117 rooms are sexy in their spectacular city panoramas and their mood lighting, warm and inviting in their woods and limestones, and almost gallery-like with their plethora of sculptures. But of course, the bigger you go, the more Crazy Rich Asian you’ll feel!

If you can stretch to an Upper Suite or Penthouse, do. Then cancel your plans and invite everyone you know in Hong Kong round for a taste of the Suite Life – with lounges so big, views so epic and “maxibars” loaded with complimentary drinks and snacks, it’d be a total waste to enjoy the experience alone. If you’re after a more low-key stay, you won’t go wrong with a sleek Studio Room either. The maxibars are just as stocked with coconut waters, beers and more, the beds are equally plush, and the views? When you’re this high up they could never disappoint.

Soak It Up

There are so many reasons to just stay in and soak up the whole Upper House experience. Our favourite? The divine bathrooms. They’re softly-lit and spa-like; spacious and seductive; heavenly chambers of quiet and calm. If you love a good bubble bath no matter the clime, welcome to your hotel Holy Grail – there’s no place quite like the city-view tubs at The Upper House to just lie back and feel the awe of being so high up in Hong Kong. #selfcare

Sweat It Out

On the theme of self-care, Femmes more concerned with fitness than food (always a tricky balance in Asia) will be glad to find a gym onsite and a number of sporty staff members who’ll jump at the chance to take you running or hiking. Rooms also come complete with yoga mats and the hotel puts on complimentary yoga classes for guests on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Savour It All

If you prefer to put an indulgent spin on your You Time, head up to the sophisticated Café Grey Deluxe and Bar on the 49th floor for some exceptional Far East-inspired concoctions and fusion cuisine. Melt into the velvet banquettes and enjoy the mind-blowing views over Hong Kong and Kowloon, or whisk yourself off to the Sky Lounge library for a glass of wine by the fire. With some luck, your stay will coincide with a talk from the hotel’s Up Close With guest speaker series whose past invitees have included the likes of Victoria Beckham and Christian Louboutin.

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