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48 Hours In...

48 Hours in Prague

Prague is a city of all seasons, but you’ll see it at its best in the autumn period. Peppered with red and golden hues, the weather is perfect for picnics in the park, beer gardens and alfresco dining minus the herds of stags cheering uproariously somewhere down the road. Read on for our guide to 48 hours in Prague. 

The picturesque Vltava river, the longest river in the Czech Republic, runs through the city like a pulsating heartbeat, charging it with an electrifying and romantic rhythm. In fact, Prague is the new Paris. Romance oozes from the colourful buildings and the cosy side streets casting shadows across the cobbled pavements. The restored Baroque architecture and Gothic spires transport you back in time for a fleeting moment, as though you’ve entered a time capsule with tinges of modernity.

Prague really has it all: art, literature, history and great pivo! Here’s a roundup of the best bits.

What to see?


Of course, Prague is one giant Kafkaesque playground swirling with remnants of the author’s legacy, including a giant metallic bust that perpetually transforms and morphs in and out of shape. The monument is worth seeing in person if you’re yearning to explore Prague’s literary heritage and experience the Metamorphosis as a voyeur. You can also visit the Franz Kafka museum where you’ll find his original letters, diaries, and dusty manuscripts. Website

Astronomical clock

If you have a penchant for statement clocks, astronomy or astrology, then Prague’s medieval astronomical clock, mounted on the southern wall of the Old Town City Hall, is a compelling landmark. The clock was created in the 15th century and still stands sturdy, tick-tocking away and charming the herds of tourists who flock before it every day to take numerous Instagram selfies.

Signal Festival

This incredible four-day festival of light occurs annually in Prague in October and is one of the greatest cultural events in the Czech Republic. Famous historical landmarks and public spaces across the city are lit up with outstanding installations; entire buildings are shrouded in mesmerising patterns that sparkle and flash hypnotically to trance-like music. Website

Where to Stay

Mama Shelter

An oasis away from the hustle bustle of the vibrant city, Mama Shelter welcomes you with open arms after a busy day of exploration. Located just off Stromovka Park, the city’s largest park, the hotel boasts two stylish bars, two restaurants and a trendy terrace – a hotspot for lazy lunches and balmy evenings. Read more about our time at Mama Shelter here. Website


The ultimate luxury escape starts at Augustine. Offering an array of exquisite amenities, including a comprehensive spa and a restaurant terrace, you’ll certainly be pampered and polished by the end of your stay. Hints of Czech Cubism merge with traditional and tasteful décor, hinting at the building’s rich history when it once formed part of the 13th-century St Thomas Church and Monastery. Charles Bridge is just a seven-minute walk away, and Prague Castle an 11-minute walk. Website

Boho Hotel

Situated in the city centre, design devotees will swoon over the suave and refined demeanor of the BoHo hotel. Hints of glamour and an art deco design permeate the building’s glossy and sophisticated interiors, transporting you back in time. Enjoy a coffee in the sleek lounge or opt for one of their signature concoctions in the hotel’s elegant cocktail bar. Website

Where to Eat

Pohostinec Monarch

It makes perfect sense that Prague is known for its ‘sensation seeking’ crowd. Pohostinec Monarch is perhaps the epitome of indulging your foodie sensations, one glass of warm Argentinian Malbec at a time. The interiors are modern and posh, owed to the ginormous wine rack that dominates an entire wall like a 3D tapestry. Old-style meats and locally sourced materials are at the heart of chef Jan Volšička’s exquisite taste. You must absolutely try the duck leg with sweet white cabbage and old Bohemian potato pancakes – so rich and full of flavour. Expect the utmost quality and quantity. Website

Manifesto Market

There’s no such thing as a “quick bite to eat” if you’re heading over to Manifesto Market, a cultural and gastro market located in the heart of Prague. First, you’ll have to choose from a vast and mouth-watering selection of delicious food stalls – ranging from juicy burgers to Hawaiian poke. Then it’s likely you’ll grab a sangria and soak up the sun whilst “Suavemente” by Elvis Crespo (so aptly) plays in the background. By mid-afternoon, you’re a few sangrias down, dancing away with smiling strangers to a live Cuban band. A truly memorable experience. Website

BiBimbap Korea

Located in Žižkov, the ‘Montparnasse’ of Prague, you might at first glance turn your nose up at BiBimbap Korea. The interiors aren’t particularly manicured or polished, but if you’re looking for really good Korean food, then this is the spot. The bibimbap arrives in a large bowl, steaming and glowing with a side of miso soup. The crowd was a mix of trendy locals and families, and everyone seemed to be drinking pints of bubbling pivo. There are worse trends. Website

What to Pack

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