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Suitcase Series: Katherine Ormerod in London

Style journalist and fashion editor Katherine Ormerod is the author of ‘Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life’, an honest look at how social media affects us as a society. The stylish Instagram influencer is also the founder of anti-perfectionism blog Work Work Work, where high profile, social media stars share their unfiltered stories.

After years of Instagramming beautifully curated fashion and travel pictures, Ormerod has recently opened up about her life behind those ‘perfect’ Instagram posts with refreshing honesty, including her struggles with her career, her body image and relationships.

We chat to her about a major part of her life: travel…

What is the first trip you remember taking?

My dad lives in Munich, where I was born, and the first trip I can remember is flying to him—in the smoking section….!

If you could sit next to anyone – dead or alive – on a long-haul flight, who would it be?

To be wildly honest I’d prefer the seat to be empty – a long haul flight is no opportunity for a conversation.

How do you usually recover from jet-lag?

Very poorly. I find that jet lag hangs on to me like a limpet and it makes me very anxious at the beginning of a long trip. I’ve found exercise helps – especially yoga or Pilates and I am really disciplined with myself to not keep looking at the time at home.


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Your flight’s delayed an hour and your phone’s out of battery. How do you pass the time?

Always with Vanity Fair. I always fly with a copy and an hour wouldn’t be enough to get through it.

Biggest lesson from your travels?

That it’s people, not guide books, that are the key to any city.

Do you travel for food, leisure, culture or something else?

I travel to see my people– at the moment my son’s godfather is in Mexico City while his godmama is in New York and the rest of our crew are in LA. We’ve just come back from a holiday all together in Italy and next year we’re all meeting up in Tulum. My mum lives in France, my dad and brother in different cities in Germany… most of the people I love live a plane journey away.

What’s your favourite hotel and why?

Ett Hem in Stockholm. It’s just the most tasteful, comfortable and elegant place I’ve ever been to.

What’s your favourite airline and why?

I fly BA because of the loyalty program – the companion voucher scheme is amazing and children fly for free until they’re two and get really looked after.

What’s on your travel playlist?

James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac. I’m seriously living in the wrong era…!

Where next?

LA for Thanksgiving.

What are your must-have travel picks?

A fresh set of Shellac nails and Quies ear plugs (I’ve legitimately tried everything and they are the indisputable winners.) Good earrings and sunglasses for when I arrive, Beauty Pie 5 Minute Mask, my La Mer products and I always need a pair of killer Louboutins, just in case. Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Liner – nothing beats it and it’s a fiver! And five plug adapters – and even that’s never enough.

First thing that comes to your mind?

Your hand-luggage essential?

Thick socks. Seriously the amount of times my feet have frozen into ice cubes on Baltic flights.

Packing: roll or fold?

Dry clean and keep in the plastic covering.

Time killer on a long-haul flight?

I always work on flights. I find that I’m never more efficient than when I don’t have Wi-Fi.

On-flight tipple of choice?

I don’t drink in the air because I seem to get a cracking hangover within two or three hours. I make up for it the other end!

Bucket list top destination?

Buenos Aires is number one on the list.

Best shopping gem found abroad?

It’s always ceramics and prints – the hardest things to transport, but my home is filled with them.

Beach or City?

Both! Though at a push I’d say city.

Ultimate hideaway?

My mum’s house in South West France.

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