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Minimalist Chic in Old Town Prague

No matter how well seasoned a traveller I may be, two things remain constant. Firstly, I am a horrible packer, seemingly incapable of capsuling my wardrobe down appropriately – I blame the shoes.

Secondly, when researching a city, I invariably end up down a virtual rabbit hole, agonising over which location and hotel to call home whilst there. After many excruciating hours, a fortuitous click of the mouse lead me to the chic BoHo Hotel in old town Prague.


Opened in 2015, there’s little evidence remaining of this sleek and stylish hotel’s recent former life as a post office. The dark brown conservative exterior seems almost designed as a smokescreen shielding what lies beyond the other side. It did make me really want to get indoors to see behind this ambiguous façade, but it wasn’t easy. Even after spending 48 hours here, I continuously failed to second guess which side of the automatic glass screen door opens. Clue to self: it’s the same every single time.

Finally crossing the threshold, just moments away from the heart of Prague and its awe-inspiring architecture, it’s as if we’ve been transported to their Scandinavian neighbours. The design of this hotel could almost have come from an almanac of Nordic design, whilst very much managing to retain their own distinctive look. It was, therefore, a great surprise to learn that the design and architecture were in fact overseen by a Spanish team, including the owner who clearly has an accomplished eye for detail.

I was immediately won over by the charming sedentary checking in experience, but I was totally smitten when we were invited to slide on down (literally) from reception to the adjoining bar for a welcome glass of bubbles. Who knew checking in could be so much fun? Although I was getting very comfortable in lobby-land, I remembered my job entails seeing more than the foyer, so on I trooped.

Just like Goldilocks, I visited a selection of the 57 rooms – Superior, Suites and Family. All of the accommodations were stylish with super comfortable beds, and the same light Scandi inspired luxurious touch throughout. We stayed in one of the very generously sized Junior Suites and made the most of the lounge area to unwind after a hard day on Prague’s unrelenting cobbles. Don’t even think about wearing heels if you’re undertaking any sightseeing or shopping. I wore wedges one evening and I was lurching inelegantly all over the place in a bid to stay steady on my feet.

The owner-designer of Hotel BoHo clearly has a mischievous streak as the majority of the bathroom walls are made from tinted glass, with a mere diaphanous curtain barely shielding one’s modesty. Fortunately, my blushes were spared as my companion on this trip was my sister who has had the (dis)pleasure of seeing me in all my glory from birth. If, however, you’re travelling with someone who you might not necessarily want to reveal all to, it’s worth pre-advising the hotel of this in advance and they’ll steer you to one of the rooms designed to preserve your mystique.

One of my biggest bugbears with hotel rooms is the lighting, especially in the bathroom, so kudos to the genius who ensured there’s a portable shaving mirror enabling you to find the best light for your needs. It may sound like a trifling thing, but it made me giddy with delight that someone somewhere understands this basic requirement.

Each room is personalised with an original photographic print commissioned as part of the hotel’s art project. A camera was placed inside a Matryoshka doll around key Prague landmarks and random shots were taken in situ. A copy of the book featuring all the pictures is given as a gift in every room as a memento.

In keeping with the Scandinavian theme, breakfast is a veritable smorgasbord. I could write an essay on how wonderful the BoHo breakfast is, ensuring its place in the top echelons of the best hotel breakfasts in the world lists, but I’ll stick to the highlights which include; sandwiches patiently waiting to be upgraded into hot paninis, and a generous choice of pastries, cheeses, charcuterie, gluten free, dairy free and a la carte dishes.

Much as I like being served by others, I relished the chance to make my own pot of tea as no-one quite gets that perfect cup of earl grey right apart from oneself. Breakfasting in the bright and airy room, or outside courtyard makes a wonderful set up for the day ahead. If the term ‘something for everyone’ hadn’t already been coined, the dictionary definition would be ‘breakfast at the Hotel BoHo, Prague’. Have I mentioned I’m a fan?

The library, stocked with books chosen lovingly by the owner adds to the personal touch that gives the BoHo a warmth not always achieved in hotels. Complimentary drinks and snacks are served here all day and evening apart from breakfast time. There were many takers curled up in chairs reading from one of the tomes, sipping on a glass of wine or cup of fresh coffee.

The hotel also organises a gratis three-hour tour of the city on a Wednesday. It’s all of these extra touches and excellence of the staff, going out of their way to accommodate guests, showcasing the care and precision that makes a stay at the BoHo, the ideal hotel experience.

The hotel is only a few minutes’ walks from Prague’s famous National Theatre and we managed to snaffle the last two tickets to see Don Giovanni. Not only is it a beautiful building but it was a thrill watching the opera that Mozart personally premiered himself in 1787, in the very same theatre.

After an exhausting two days of gadding about Prague, we squeezed in a much needed pre-flight massage in the BoHo’s Wellness Area, setting us up perfectly for our journey home.

P.S. Dear BoHo breakfast, I miss you. Sorry I’ve been cheating on you with other breakfasts, but I can’t wait to return and eat you soon. SR x

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