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Citizen Femme Hotlist

It feels a bit like we pressed fast forward on 2018. And while we have been whizzing through the year, we have come across countless loves for our Citizen Femme Hotlist.

New hotels for our hotlist. Burgeoning beauty brands that have to come with us on our travels. And hotel experiences that make the adventure that bit more worthwhile. Enjoy our December Citizen Femme Hotlist.

BUY THESE Jimmy Choo hiking boots

Jimmy Choo has devised the ingenious idea of heated boots. And they’re available to buy now! With wearable technology (it’s all about the tech really), the ankle snow boots feature a heated insole that’s activated through a bespoke mobile app.

Charged by a USB cable which is cleverly hidden under the hand-tooled collar, temperatures can be set from 25° to 45° C. The heated soles last up to eight hours before they’ll need to be charged again. The boots have a shearling lining creates added warmth.

GO HERE Soho House, Mumbai

In its first Asian outpost in Mumbai, India (Hong Kong is next), Soho House opens its long-awaited member’s club in the affluent district of Juhu, surrounded by Bollywood residences.

Soho House Mumbai is housed in a refurbished 11-storey building, keeping its interiors in line with the vibrant culture and colours that remain true to India with colourful textiles from Rajasthan and rattan furniture from Jaipur placed along vintage teak floors. The House features 38 guest bedrooms, a cinema, two restaurants, and rooftop pool, with fixtures and soft furnishings that were either sourced locally or boast traditional Indian patterns. And as rooftop pools are so popular with all the Houses, why not take a seat in a cane chair and enjoy the sunset with a limca on the rooftop.

CELEBRATE THIS Leonardo Da Vinci's 500th anniversary in Florence 

Florence will kick off the commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the death of the great genius Leonardo da Vinci in 2019.

Until 20th January, The Uffizi Gallery is getting a head start on celebrations with the exhibition, titled Water, nature’s microscope— The Codex Leicester and Leonardo da Vinci, which will display many works and studies of the “Universal Genius”. The Uffizi Gallery isn’t just one of the biggest museums in Italy but also one of the most renowned in the whole world. Since its public opening in 1765, it has hosted countless exhibitions and yet this one might be one of its most striking to date. Centred around Leonardo’s Codex Leicester, a 72-page book discussing movements of water, fossils and moonlight, among other topics. It is being loaned by Bill Gates who purchased it in 1990 and has since exhibited it once a year, in a different city, around the world. The manuscript will go on display in the Magliabechiana Room. The Annunciation by Leonardo is also exhibited at the Uffizi Gallery and other spectacular original drawings lent by many other Italian and foreign institutions will also be exhibited.

USE THIS Margrete Gotye

Margrete Gaultier is writing the modern day legend of “Fountain of Youth”. Over and above the natural course of ageing, it’s the pollution and daily stress that puts pressure on our skin. Margrete Gotye, is a European herbal skin care brand, brings together over 40 ancient beauty formulas that have been found in the exploration records of Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon.

The brand combines the ancient ways of extraction and preservation of natural herbal ingredients with modern cosmetic technologies to make skin care products that suits the modern skin issues that we face. The brand works closely with several medicinal botanical gardens in Europe, in return, providing funds to support these gardens’ plant research to aid their plant protection. It’s like caviar for your skin. What better time to start than Christmas party season.

ADD THIS TO YOUR WISHLIST Taj Exotica Resort, Andamans

With ‘Astrotourism’ firmly predicted as one of 2019’s hottest trends, pick a spot in the rainforests of Coorg, the secluded Andaman Islands or the jungles of Madhya Pradesh and discover constellations, planets, shooting stars and meteor showers of the Indian night skies. The Taj Exotica Resort & Spa in the Andamans is reputed as one of the best beaches in Asia. Far from any form of light pollution, guests can pinpoint Orion’s Belt, Cassiopeia and the North Star with an array of unique activities, including night kayaking in the mangroves as well as beach picnics and BBQs accompanied by the on-site Naturalist.

Just make sure to have your wish ready for when that shooting star passes.

BOOK THIS Blue World Voyage 

Cruises are not just about all you can eat buffets. Now wellness is at the centre of it with Blue World Voyage who are transforming a 900 passenger cruise into a 350 one making the top level a spa and relaxation deck.

Launching in 2019, adults who are active, athletic and health conscious, can focus on sports and fitness, with a spacious functional training gym, a bike fitting station, pro-style batting cages, golf, soccer and hockey simulators, spinning and TRX studios, a sea-water lap pool with cabanas and more. All that activity demands a good recovery, so there will be another entire deck devoted to wellness facilities and a state-of-art luxury spa, yoga studio and sports medicine clinic.


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