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Why do certain global influencers inspire us over others? For us, it’s because they travel where we long to fly (hello, bucketlist destinations) and wear the wardrobes our alter egos would definitely own (especially the designer shoes). 

But have you noticed that influencers, wherever they are in the world, stick to their own, unique aesthetic. It’s their strong sense of style that makes us press ‘follow’ and tap that red ‘like’ heart, again and again.

Yoga bunny or night owl, whichever influencer you most identify with, we’ve picked three of our CF favourites to be our suitcase inspirations. Get the Globetrotter look here. Hashtag bon voyage…

THE YOGA BUNNY – @sjanaelise
FOLLOW HER: If you’re going on a yoga retreat

With 1.5 million followers, Sjana (pronounced ‘see-ah-nah’, FYI) is the girl who makes headstands in the sand look easy. She describes herself as a “full-time yoga doing, hug giving, sun loving, travel enthusiast,” so naturally she has a sunny wardrobe that suits her favourite pursuits. Namely never-ending athleisure, itsy bikinis and beach throw-ons.

If a yoga retreat is next up on your travel agenda, @sjanaelise is one to watch. Her Aussie style is beachy and effortless so keep your suitcase full of sporty chic pieces that mix and match together. No majorly planned out outfits. And yogi abs of steel, optional.

THE RUNWAY QUEEN – @carodaur
FOLLOW HER: If you’re going to a Fashion Week capital

London, Milan, Paris and New York; the Fashion Month merry-go-round never stops and Caro Daur is a regular focus of the street style lenses. “I always say I am a chameleon – sometimes I like to dress like a princess and other days it’s more of an androgynous vibe,” Hamburg-born Caro says. “My style philosophy is having fun.”

If you’re hitting one of the fashion capitals, dress as @carodaur does in statement daywear that transcends to night-time. Even pared down looks can be elevated with high impact accessories that scream fashion. For true authenticity, rope in a street style photographer to capture those head-to-toe looks.

THE NIGHT OWL – @kristinabazan
FOLLOW HER: If you’re going to party all night long

If you function the best after-dark, and definitely post-midnight, look to Kristina Bazan as your night owl muse. “It is at night, when the whole world seems to be at sleep that I feel the most creative,” says Kristina. “I don’t know if it’s because of my zodiac sign Scorpio which makes me instinctively so attracted by dark, but I guess I am just a big dreamer.”

Yes, her @kristinabazan Instagram occasionally still sees daylight but her edgy evening outfits will give you all the inspo you need for glam dress-up. Think sequin tuxedos, patent leathers and spiky heels. Just make sure you’re back in time for room service breakfast in bed.

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