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Beauty Haul Diaries

The Beauty Haul Diaries: Nikki DeRoest

Make-up artists are pros when it comes to packing up a kit bag in 60 seconds flat. But what about their own vacation beauty haul? Nikki DeRoest ( is the make-up artist that LA celebrities have on speed dial for red carpets.

With clients like supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, her make-up mantra is ‘fresh, flawless and pretty, without being complicated.’ As global ambassador for bareMinerals she’s often plane hopping with her make-up haul.

Here’s how Nikki DeRoest does vacation beauty. Plus check out the MVPs she checks into her (multiple) suitcases…

Q. How do you adapt your beauty routine when you travel?

A. If I know I’m flying somewhere like Tulum that I know is really humid I’ll drop back on the amount of moisture in my skincare. I’ll also switch to a powder foundation rather than a liquid because that makes more sense with the humidity.

Q. Must-do beauty rituals and treatments before a vacation?

A. I don’t make any major beauty changes before a vacation. Holidays, I care less; more so for work trips because I need to be ‘on’. I’m really consistent with my skincare regime and I get regular facials – usually a deep cleansing facial about once a month. If I’m going on a trip I try to get that in right before I leave.

Q. What’s the best way to downsize your at-home beauty haul for travel?

A. I try to mimic and use the same things I’d use at home so I’m not switching up my routine. You don’t want to have a skin freakout situation on vacation intro-ing new products because your skin’s already probably confused about the climate. You can always decant your favourites into travel-sized containers, but I like to take photos of my products for Instagram. I think there are a lot of great multi-use make-up products for vacation to condense your bag.

Q. Do you prefer to pack travel minis or full size beauty products?

A. Full size. I am the queen of over-packing, so if I have the opportunity for more than one bag I’ll always take it. I’m never gonna be great on a backpack trip! Ultimately, you take all these things and then end up wearing way less make-up on vacation because you have that holiday glow.


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One of the top lip products I use on photo shoots and the red carpet: My go-to, @narsissist Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. I own at least 10 of the shade Dolce Vita 😝 and use it all the time. It’s the perfect texture….not too dry, goes on like a dream, and comes in every color imaginable. You can put it on bold, or blur it out. You have all of the control which I love. In this picture I’m wearing BETTINA on my lips and DIRTY MIND on my eyes. Check out my stories to see different ways that I use it! #NARSPartner

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Q. Do you have a plane beauty routine?

A. I have a carry-on tote with all my plane essentials. I always carry face wipes to take off any make-up – I like bareMinerals, Simple or Burt’s Bees. I’m not the girl who’s gonna wear a sheet mask on the plane but I’ll wear a clear, hydrating mask, usually Skin Inc. Then I’ll apply a multi-use balm on my lips, cuticles and around my eyes.

Q. How do you combat jet lag skin/eyes when you land?

A. I’m always making sure I’m masking with product as soon as I get to the hotel – I’ll exfoliate and then mask. I also carry a rose quartz or jade stone in my kit if I ever need to de-puff.

Q. What’s been your favourite vacation spa so far and why?

A. Anything that Aman ( are doing – they have places all over the world and always incredible spas. The last time I was in London, I stayed at The Rosewood Hotel and probably got the best facial of my life. It was next-level.


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The Rosie Glow™️ (3/3) I wish I could list out all the exact things used to give this look but the reality as an artist is that you mix and match about 30+ things… even for a beautiful, natural glow and glamour🌟 I’ll try for a few heroes. First things first…. if you don’t know @vitaliberata go check it out. Skin is a mix of my favorites: Brightening CC Serum from @byterryofficial, @armanibeauty Luminous Silk, and contour with the Power Fabric Foundation. Glow is a mix of @rmsbeauty + @marcbeauty Glow Stick and a few more little bits. Cheek flush is three @narsissist lipsticks mixed together. @rosiehw @rosieforautograph

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Q. What are your top takeaway skincare tips when travelling?

A. Take the skincare stuff that you’re using at home – try not to stray away from your routine. You don’t want angry skin to be an issue when you’re travelling.

Q. What’s in your must-pack beauty kit at the moment?

1. Cuyana is great for different-sized totes for beauty – you can also customise them.

2. bareMinerals SkinLongevity Vital Power Serum – I use this morning and night, and I also use this on make-up clients for skin prep.

3. Origins Dr Weil Mega-Mushroom Soothing Face Mask – my skin really, really likes these masks.

4. Skinceuticals Mineral Radiance UV Defense SPF50 – I usually like to wear a tinted SPF50 on my face, so it’s usually Skinceuticals, PCA Skin, or bareMinerals new Complexion Rescue Defense.

5. Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense – their masks are incredible for repairing holiday hair.

6. bareMinerals bareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer – my favourite concealer, ever. I usually apply it using an eyeshadow brush.

The Packing Lowdown: Quickfire Questions

Travel light or over-packer?


Spa facial or massage?

Massage (because I’m picky about my face).

Vacation air-dry or blow-dry?


Skincare wipes, yay or nay?


Self-tan or au naturel?

Self-tan, usually James Read or St.Tropez


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