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2019 Wellness Beauty Guide: The 9 To Know

Give your wellbeing beauty resolutions a boost way for January and beyond. From happy-making fragrance to cryotherapy face rollers, turns out you don’t have to check into a spa to feel good.

Whether you’re at home or living out of a suitcase, a few tweaks to your regime could boost your beauty sleep, or wake up your face muscles. These are the nine products to put on your 2019 radar for your wellbeing beauty resolutions…


Cryopress, £75

Forget the big freeze outside and chill your face indoors… 001 London CRYOpress is an at-home device that combines two of-the-moment facial technologies; rollers and cryotherapy. Store in the freezer at sub-zero and roll over your face for a 5-minute DIY massage to wake up muscles.


Discipline skincare Miracle Drops, from £22

Because who doesn’t need a stash of miracle drops in January? Disciple Skincare’s Miracle Drops comes in strengths of 1%, 2.5% and 5%. This CBD oil can be added to face oils, your morning coffee order, or simply placed under your tongue to take effect.


Rejuvenated Ltd Travel Pack, £27.50

Don’t let impromptu travel plans scupper your supplement regime. Rejuvenated Ltd is a capsule seven-day supply of wellbeing boosters for when you’re on-the-go: Collagen Shots, H3O Night Repair capsules and H3O Hydration. Plus, they’re packed in a black, ethically sourced canvas bag.


Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Cleansing Ritual, £32.50

Double cleansing never looked so appealing… Get glowing with Charlotte Tilbury’s new Goddess Cleansing Ritual. First up, the make-up melting oil (Ritual 1), then the purifying charcoal cleanse (Ritual 2) to detoxify your skin.


Valeur Absolue Essentielle Joie-Eclat EDP, £72

Bye-bye, January blues. Get yourself some happy vibes from a bottle (that’s not red wine) with a mood boosting scent. Valeur Absolue Essentielle Joie-Eclat EDP  is a 100% natural, organic fragrance that’s packed with happy-making sparkling notes. Plus, you’ll find citrine stones in the bottle to help transmit positive energy as you spritz.


Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream, £45

Put beauty sleep high on your January agenda. Fresh’s new Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream is powered by Super Lotus using sustainable technology. The lightweight antioxidant-rich night cream should help your skin recover and destress overnight, zzzz.


Bespoke Me, starting from £34.99

Hone in on what your body really needs with a bespoke regime delivered to your door. Gabriela Peacock’s Bespoke Me is personalised nutrition in a box, thanks to an advanced but speedy online diagnostic tool. Choose from 7, 14 or 28-day kits.


Morphie x Jaclyn Hill the Complexion Master Collection, £50

New year, new brushes. Go out with the old and refresh your kit with a set of pro brushes. Morphie x Jaclyn Hill The Complexion Master Collection has five face brushes to up your foundation, bronze, blush and shadow game for 2019.


Dr Roebuck’s Tassie Anti-Pollution Serum, £46

Clean, vegan beauty has never been higher on the skincare agenda. Add a touch of Bondi vibes and you get Dr Roebuck’s, the beauty brand founded by Sydney twin sisters. Our pick is the Tassie Anti-Pollution Serum to kick stressed city skin into touch.


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