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How To Sleep On a Plane

Jumping on a jet to travel to the other side the world should conjure images of grandeur and style… but the truth is that, after a long-haul flight, the glamour of travel can become somewhat lost. House of Babylon, purveyors of the perfect slumber, shared with us how best to catch forty winks a mile in the sky and arrive refreshed and well-rested.

As a keen traveller, what would you suggest is the best way to sleep on a long-haul flight?

Always arrive at the airport with a very comfortable outfit and pack some warm socks. I would always cheer for keeping hydrated on a plane but if you need to sleep, who can resist glass or two of wine while you watch a movie to make you drift off?

What items should we pack for a good sleep?

Bring your own headphones! Listen to some relaxing music – you don’t want to hear everything around you. Pack an eye mask, neck pillow and a lavender sleeping roll-on. It really does help you sleep.

What are your top tips to beat jet-lag?

Don’t lie down! If you can, always opt for flights that land in the morning and not when it’s dark. You will be much more likely to go out even when tired than if you were to land at night.

How do you stay fresh after traveling?

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. With the AC relentlessly blasting your face for hours, you will want to pack alcohol free face wipes to freshen up and apply some hydrating face cream.

What’s so good about Egyptian cotton?

Well, if your first thought is ‘thread count’ then you’ve been tricked! It’s all about the fibres. Egyptian cotton produces fibres that are far longer than other cottons. As the fibres produce a yarn that is smaller in diameter but maintains length, more threads can be used per square inch when creating the fabric. It is the density of the threads that allows Egyptian cotton fabric to be stronger, lighter and more luxurious to the touch. Egyptian cotton is also able to absorb more liquid, which helps to produce brighter, more vivid colours when it is dyed.


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The Cairo Collection in Grey – 600 Thread Count – Made from handpicked Egyptian cotton. Unlike any other cotton fibre, handpicked puts less stress on the fibre, ensuring longer intact strands and resulting in the strongest softest yarns. . . . #goodmorning #home #homedecor #decoration #deco #bedlinen #bedroom #bedroomdesign #bedding #interior #interiordesign #instahome #minimalism #home #sleepwithus

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What would you say is needed for a good 8-hour sleep?

As a professional sleeper, I would suggest you really invest in making your bedroom inviting for rest.

1. Get a good mattress, none of that memory foam stuff. It will break your back.

2. Get yourself a feather and down duvet and pillows. You want to be covered with natural fillings that breathe throughout the night. Trapping the heat will only make you turn around all night.

3. Egyptian cotton sheets! It is as good as they say. The fabric is durable and just so soft. Always make sure to buy ‘certified’. Almost all retailers claim to sell Egyptian cotton when in fact the sheets have no trace of it.

Do you think day-napping is a good idea?

Generally speaking, power naps have been proved to be a healthy way to repair your mood and improve your memory and heart health. For people who suffer from insomnia and sleeping problems, naps might leave them feeling drowsy, affecting the overall quality of their sleep. I personally enjoy my uninterrupted 8 hour sleep. Naps leave me a little disorientated!

What other items (beside bedding) do you swear by for staying fresh after a long-haul flight?

Compression socks! After a long flight when you put your shoes back on, you’ll notice how they almost don’t fit your feet anymore. That is because sitting down for that long will get all the fluid to rush to your feet. Make sure to walk around in compression socks every hour or so.

How is your product ethically sourced?

Unlike many retailers in an unregulated textile industry, we at House of Babylon ensure the product sourcing is obtained responsibly. Our factory in Egypt is run under governmental regulations, ensuring workers are paid at least the minimum wage and work in safe conditions. All our bed linen is sourced and manufactured in Egypt. At no stage is the bed linen sent to the East Asia for printing or stitching, as many retailers opt for.

How do you stay cool in bed in hotter climates?

Of course we are a bedding company, so this is one of the most important issues on our list. When choosing bedding, obviously buy the best you can and opt for natural materials such as cotton. Not only are they lovely against your skin and beautiful to look at, but natural materials are very airy, and moisture absorbent.


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Egyptian cotton bedding is naturally much more porous than any other cotton, allowing you to stay warm without trapping heat – so aiding much needed circulation of air around your body. This is especially important for those who have difficulty sleeping or suffer from night time sweats, or both.

Another tip is to take a warm shower to feel cooler. Taking a cold shower might seem like a good thing to do to cool off, but actually it provides only temporary relief. We will initially feel cooler after a cold shower because of decreased blood flow to the skin. Our core will then get warmer as it tries to counteract that reduced skin blood flow. But warm water on the skin leads to increased blood flow to the skin, and hence increasing heat loss from the body. Try it out!

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