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Suitcase Series: Zoe Theo of Gin & Bone

Zoe, the jet setter behind ‘Gin and Bone’, a refined carnivore with a penchant for a cocktail, the Skinny Traveller is the girl to know.

A Londoner at heart, she is an ex-banker turned influencer, forever in search of the perfect pad, the hippest hotel or reclusive resort. We delve into her travel goals and suitcase psyche…

What is the first trip you remember taking?

Hawaii with my family when I was around 7. It wasn’t the first, but it was definitely the first that I remember vividly and still count as one of the best travel experiences of my life.

Which holidays have been your favourite?

The trips that I see or experience something new or indicative of that country are always my most memorable. Safari in Madikwe, Volunteering at a Turtle Sanctuary in Zanzibar, hiring a 1957 Cadillac in Havana or a fire-lantern festival in Thailand.

Where or what is your escape?

For me, it would probably be Tulum in Mexico. There is something unbelievably rustic and natural about it. I’m not a super “Earthy/Outdoorsy” kind of girl, but I once spent 4 days without putting a pair of shoes on there. If that is not an escape, I don’t know what is


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Do you get away often?

I go away around once a month for blogging work, but it is pretty busy and I am constantly working/photographing/touring and blogging while there. I get up at least twice for Sunrise to take photos and I very rarely have a total relaxation holiday.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve taken from your travels?

Just. Say. “Yes”. To everything. No-one remembers that experience you didn’t have.

Where would you travel with friends?

My favourite places with friends are always Mykonos, Las Vegas and Ibiza. I try to do one of these every year and have the most incredible memories from each of them.

What’s your idea of a luxury holiday?

Probably Positano/Capri. It is, to this day, the chicest and most luxurious place I have ever seen.


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Where do you get your holiday inspiration?

Instagram. It sounds so obvious as a blogger, but anytime I am looking for travel inspiration for where to go or if I have already booked a trip, what to see, I create a mood board from instagram. It’s the first thing I do.

If you could sit next to anyone – dead or alive – on a long-haul flight, who would it be?

I would say David Attenborough, Emmeline Pankhurst or Stephen Fry…maybe Meryl Streep if I was heading somewhere fun.

How do you usually recover from jet-lag?

Water, water, water. I am a big believer in hydration during a flight and a little berocca on arrival. Most importantly, you have to push through. Don’t give in to the jet-lag-nap!

Your flight’s delayed an hour and your phone’s out of battery. How do you pass the time?

I would probably buy a travel magazine and start mentally planning my next “dream trip”… (and eat a lot of chocolate).

What’s your favourite hotel and why?

This is impossible for me as there are so many incredible hotels. I would have to say that currently, The Rosewood Mayakoba in Mexico is my favourite. It is “jaw-drop” beautiful and has some of the best service I have ever received and they remember each guest by name. They have their own giant lake and all of the villas are reachable by boat or bike only.

Favourite airline?

As of last month, it is Qatar Airways. By far the best service, seats and treatment I have experienced. Not to mention their Business Class bar and in their Q suites, the double beds!

What’s on your travel playlist?

It changes all the time. Currently, it’s Jesse Ware, Dua Lipa and a South African DJ I found recently called Sun-El (oh ok fine, it’s also Taylor Swift). I also love a podcast.

Where next?

Next is Florida, Bali, and Cappadocia. Florida is for a family trip and Bali and Cappadocia have been on my list for a long long time. I have always wanted to see the Hot Air Balloons over the mountains.

What are your must-have travel picks?

First thing that comes to your mind?

Your hand-luggage essential?

Facial Moisturiser and a power-bank charger! I always run out of battery.

Packing: roll or fold?

Oh this has been a long term internal debate for me but I think I have perfected it. Roll tops, fold trousers and leave everything else on hangers.

Time killer on a long-haul flight?

Movies or Sudoku.

Holiday tipple of choice?

Margarita straight up with salt.

Bucket list top destination?

Bali, Belize and Peru.

Best shopping gem found abroad?

A 4ft wooden giraffe named Ngoni (the sculptor) that was so big, I had to sit him with me on the plane home from South Africa.

Beach or City?


Ultimate holiday treat?

A massage. It always feels like such a treat.


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