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What To Wear On A Plane

Some pick their plane outfit for comfort, others for its upgrade potential. We say, do both. Here are our perfect plane looks, so you’re not winging it on departure day.

If you’ve ever seen a celebrity saunter through Arrivals in skinny-tight jeans and strappy heels, they’ve probably (read: definitely) been intercepted by a glam squad before hitting passport control. Newsflash: nobody really wears that on plane.

Today’s plane dressing (it’s a thing) is all about maximum comfort and style. Thankfully fashion has upped its game when it comes to loungewear and plane-friendly fashion. Think cashmere jogger sets and are-they-or-aren’t-they pyjama co-ords that are made for lounging.

Your ‘plane outfit’ is not to be underestimated… It’s the look that symbolises the start of your vacation, and, let’s not forget, you could be wearing it for 12 hours+ in transit.

These are the pieces that get our plane-ready seal of approval.


CF PICK: Joseph Mongolian cashmere hooded sweater, £425, and track pants, £395

How do you go one up on a pair of PJs? A cashmere co-ord, that’s what. They may be the fanciest jogger set you’ll ever own, but, worn in the same coordinating colour, it’ll make you look instantly put-together at the check-in desk. Go for a set with a hood for extra comfort/hiding potential on board. You can’t go wrong with Joseph’s set. Plus, it has a handy pouch for your passport. Win, win.

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CF PICK: Allbirds Women’s Wool Runners, £95

Yes, heels might may you feel First Class fancy but swollen ankles/feet are so not chic. Try a cool sneaker/run-around hybrid, instead. Allbirds are the Instagramable brand on repeat in airport lounges right now, both with celebrities and every other frequent flyer. Why? The wool runners not only look pared-back and chic but feel like you’re wearing clouds on your feet. Seriously.

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CF PICK: Weekend Max Mara Fabio poncho, £250

It’s the eternal dilemma mid-flight. You want to swaddle yourself in a blanket burrito, but you also need easy access for the TV remote/plane food. Your style solution? The poncho. It’s the plane equivalent of a superhero cape. Weekend Max Mara’s Fabio has cosy written all over it and comes in two chic colourways depending on your plane look: blue and grey, or oatmeal and camel.

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CF PICK: Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask, £42

When it comes to jet-lag skin, prevention is better than cure. Request gallons of water with a side order of hydrating skincare. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask is ideal for plane hoppers. Why? You don’t need to rinse it off mid-flight. Smooth on the invisible layer on dry skin, leave it to absorb for 10 minutes and then wipe off the excess with a warm cloth. You’ll land with better skin than you took off with.

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…it’ll make you look instantly put-together at the check-in desk.




CF PICK: Chantelle Soft Stretch range, from £30

Underwear might not be the first thing you think about when you’re plotting a plane outfit but it’s majorly worth considering. Nobody wants a bra wire disturbing their jet-lag saving snooze. Chantelle Soft Stretch is probably the comfiest underwear you will ever own. Seamless and size-less, each piece happily moulds to your body and feels invisible on. Choose from bra tops, briefs, or bodysuits.

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CF PICK: Black & White Story wtf slogan tee, £45

Podcast, music or blockbuster movie; there are times on a flight when you just want to plug in your headphones and switch off from the world. The answer? A slogan tee that says exactly what you’re thinking (without saying a word). This Black & White Story WTF – where’s the food? – tee sums up your feelings if you’re #hangry on board. Pass the salted nuts.

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CF PICK: Stoney Clover Lane Plane Travel Pouch, £76.88

Stop the mad panicked scramble for your passport, sleep mask and/or AirPods with a handy pouch. But make it a bright one. It’s like the adult version of a pencil case that says you’re plane-ready and proud. You can’t miss this Stoney Clover Lane ‘Plane’ slogan pouch in your handbag. In yellow and pink, it’s made to be seen.

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CF PICK: Phoebe Grace Silk Sleep Mask in Black Cactus, £50

Something you definitely want to pack in that plane pouch? A sleep mask. Yes, you might get one on board, but will it have a fun cacti print…? This Phoebe Grace silk sleep mask isn’t just snooze-inducing on, but puts you firmly in the vacation mood. The cactus and sun combination will make you the chicest sleeper on board. Warning: it might give you vacation blues on your way home.

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