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Where To Go Next Month: The June Edit

Summer is officially here and you wouldn’t be judged for hankering for a holiday! We’ve selected the best of the best of destinations to head to as the mercury rises. Sipping wine by the beach, hiking trails carved by ancient glaciers and shopping the world’s fashion capital’s glorious boutiques sounds like a perfect way of spending the warm and whimsical month of June.


This charming region of France, sitting pretty in the Mediterranean, has a unique appeal that the mainland just doesn’t offer. Its scenery is super diverse, where you can head from white sand beaches one minute to lively towns the next, and then get lost in lush green mountain valleys.

The Calanches de Piana rock formations are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an absolute must see on the island. The drive to these striking red cliffs goes over one of France’s most stunning ‘balcony roads’ – a stretch of tarmac cut into a sheer cliff face with exceptional panoramic views over the scenery. The rocks are especially beautiful at sunset when they appear an even deeper shade of red and cast long shows over the trees that dot the ravine.

The capital, Ajaccio, is a delightful little town built around a pretty port. The town is speckled with fabulous places to eat and shop, with quaint museums and a dainty cathedral. No doubt you’ll be charmed by this scaled-down aesthetic. The town is also famous for being Napoleon’s birthplace and the house he was born in still exists, now as a museum displaying his family heirlooms.

Don’t leave Corsica without trying their signature dish, Civet de Sanglier, a rich a hearty wild boar casserole, baked with onion, carrots, garlic, fennel and chestnuts with a healthy measure of eau de vie fruit brandy.


Where to start with lovely London? This teeming metropolis of 13 million people is capital of the United Kingdom and has shaped the history of not just the nation, but the world. London has witnessed a fascinating history of huge changes, from the sinister to the spectacular, and its diversity and intrigue continues to grow.

Take a boat down the river, passing the glorious House of Parliament and London Eye, shop the retail meccas of Oxford Street and Soho, luxuriate in the wide, grassy fields of the city’s plethora of parks and get a glimpse of the royals at the stunning Buckingham Palace.

In June, the Queen has her official birthday celebration (even though her actual birthday is 21st April – only a true Queen can have two birthdays!) which is marked by the Trooping the Colour ceremony on the 8th – a spectacular military parade of pomp, circumstance and absolute Britishness.

Looking for the most authentic London flavours during your stay? Search out a pie and mash shop and try the jellied eels! No doubt a friendly cabbie knows the best spot.

Known around the world as a foodie and fashion capital, the city is constantly evolving and creating new trends and June is the most exciting month to experience this thoroughly electric, eclectic city.

South of France

The French Riviera is evocative of sunshine drives with the top down, balmy, beachside dining and glamorous movie stars. The resort towns of Cannes, St Tropez and Antibes are an eternal attraction for the beautiful people who spend the summer here bronzing and socialising, arriving by supercar or superyacht.

Get lost in the high-end boutiques of Cannes’ Boulevard de la Croisette, stretch out on sandy beaches and while away afternoons and evenings with leisurely dinners, paired of course with unparalleled wine or bubbles.

France’s Riviera is the true embodiment of joie de vivre and a playground for the rich and famous. A trip here, especially in sunny June, will make you wonder why you would ever spend time anywhere else.

And don’t miss Porquerolles island. This little slice of paradise is famous for its shallow beach facing the mainland, where a myriad of boats park up after the 10 minute sail for happy sea-goers to dip in the turquoise waters and wander in the shallows.

Amalfi Coast

Occupying the southern side of Sorrento’s peninsula that juts out into the glittering Gulf of Naples, the Amalfi Coast lays claim to being Europe’s most beautiful stretch of coastline. Dotted with pretty towns that cling to cliff edges, with an awe-inspiring corniche road winding around the mountainside that is nearly sheer into the sea, its easy to see the romance that this area inspires.

The peninsula is fractured by tiny coves of pebble beaches that sit below colourful towns. Positano is probably the most beautiful, and a visit or stay over here is a must. Taking to the mountains for hikes or drives will likely leave your mouth agape – especially when you crest the hills to the northern side, with the view of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius towering in the distance.

Days are longer in June, and the sunset can be as late at 9pm. Nightlife is pushed later into the evening, with restaurants getting lively after sunset. That said, don’t expect to dance til dawn: the Amalfi Coast is more geared toward couples having late romantic dinners and a nightcap than rocking the night away at the club…

San Sebastian

Whats sets San Sebastian apart from any other coastal towns in Spain is that it was always designed to be a luxurious resort. Whereas other cities have less appealing industry and ports you have to struggle to overlook, every way you turn your head in San Sebastian gives achingly beautiful views. Making the most of its glorious location, curving satisfyingly around a magnificent crescent bay lined with golden sand, the beautiful resort town is a summertime playground.

A decidedly foodie capital, this little town, that looks so unassuming from a distance, is peppered with Michelin star restaurants and pintxo bars. Pintxo is a type of tapas specific to this region, every dish of which is a flavour sensation, particularly the region’s octopus and squid dishes cooked in their own ink.

The pretty old town offers a lot for exploring and is brimms with stunning Belle Epoque architecture. The beachfront promenade with views over to the Santa Klara uhartea rock that punctures the Bahia de la Concha is a gorgeous spot to wander or park up with a stiff drink to people-watch.


Possibly one of the world’s most dramatic areas of scenery, Yosemite National Park is a geological spectacle. Created by ancient glaciers cutting the landscape, Yosemite is made up of mountain domes, jagged pinnacles, flowing falls and giant sequoias that stretch into the sky.

The sheer face of El Capitan is more than just a screensaver. The sight of grey granite monolith pretty much takes your breath away as you come around the bends of the Merced river and the hike up the trail to it will do just the same. On the flat ground below the cliff faces, grassy meadows are framed by oak, cedar and fir trees; and deer, coyotes and black bears live wild and free.

The nearby ski lodges and mountain cottages provide gorgeously rustic accommodation, where waking up to sumptuous views over the subalpine scenery has to be seen to be believed.

A trip to this incredible corner of the world is not one you are likely to forget in a hurry.

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