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Beachy Keen? CF's Beauty Cheats

Our Instagram vacation snaps may say ‘glowing goddess’ but holidays aren’t all bronzed skin and freckled faces. Let’s be real; there’s the sunburn, cellulite, frazzled hair and insect bites, too (probably just out of shot).

If you’re not a tropical vacation natural, don’t panic. We’ve got the beach cheats to know about this summer. The beauty shelves have come to our rescue with holiday heroes that make it look like you were made for #beachlife. These clever solutions can pep up your suntan, tone your hotspots, and give you beachy locks so you look more mermaid than sea monster. Where do we sign up?

Introducing the seven shortcuts to looking effortless on the beach (we won’t tell if you don’t…).

The Pre-Tan Cheat

Forward plan your tan (yes, it’s a thing). Imedeen Tan Optimizer tablets (£40) work from the inside-out to prime your skin for sun exposure and protect cells from oxidative stress. Note, you will still need a regular SPF. Packed with carotenoids and natural plant extract lutein, take one tablet daily for a month before your holiday (and during) to get a glow that lasts way beyond your holiday blues. 

The Sculpting Cheat

Who do celebrities have on speed dial before a beach holiday)? Amanda Harrington for a glow-up. The tan guru has developed a three-step tanning method that involves prepping, colouring and, most importantly, contouring your body for a more believable tan – with definition exactly where you want it. Try the Body Set (£85), available in three skin tones. Step 3 stars The Big Body Brush, which involves buffing the tan into your skin.

The Bikini Bum Cheat

Bikini bod angst? Orange peel skin, aka cellulite, affects 90% of women at some point in their life. Amp up your bodycare routine before beach getaways with the Assome Cellulite Ultrasonic Massager (£159). This clever device produces high-frequency radio waves that oscillate six million times a minute to help tighten skin and reduce cellulite. For a double pronged cellulite attack, commit to daily dry body brushing to boost your circulation.

The Beachy Waves Cheat

From city bob to mermaid waves. Say hey to instant beachy waves with extensions so discreet you can wear them in a high bun or pony around the pool and nobody would notice. Available in straight or wavy texture and in over 58 shades, Great Lengths GL Tapes Plus (£POA depending on salon/hair) blend seamlessly with your natural hair colour so the tapes go undetected. Unlike traditional bonds, the application is super-speedy – think beachy waves with volume in just over an hour. 

The Anti-Frizz Cheat

Avoid Monica from Friends ‘it’s-the-humidity’ hair moments. If your hair doesn’t love vacation climates, pack OUAI Haircare Anti-Frizz Smoothing Sheets (£20) in your beach bag. It might look like a cigarette box but the clever ‘wipes’ (made from hemp paper) are packed with conditioning coconut oil and moisturising shea butter to leave hair super-smooth and shiny. Just swipe over your hair from root to tip to see away frizz, fast.

The Tummy Cheat

Suffer with the dreaded holiday bloat? Pre-empt your tummy woes with a daily dose of Seed Daily Synbiotic (that’s probiotics and prebiotics). Backed by the likes of Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, Karlie Kloss – all walking advertisements for good health – this is bacteria with major benefits. The female daily synbiotic combines a formulation of 24 probiotic strains to help maintain healthy gut function. Available to International and UK customers as a monthly or quarterly subscription (30-days from $49.99/£40). 

The Anti-Insect Cheat

If you’re one of those people that mosquitos practically dine on, you need to pack an insect repellent that doesn’t smell like nail polish remover. Step forward Mrs White’s Unstung Hero Anti Mosquito (£20) for a summer-fresh eau de cologne that also happens to make you invisible to summer beasties like mosquitos, wasps and bees for up to four hours. The uplifting lemon tea fragrance is unisex, so you get (bite-free) aromatic holiday skin.  

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