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Citizen Femme Hotlist. The Ultra List: 29.07.19

This week at Citizen Femme, we’re taking it up a notch. As summer sends temperatures soaring, we’re hotting things up too, pushing the boundaries to bring you all things ultra.

We’re talking everything from the ultra-cool to the ultra-fresh and fun. So whether you’re after fashion, food or far flung travels, take a look at our week’s top picks for some fine inspiration.

ULTRA-COOL La Réserve à la Plage, St Tropez

There are beach bars and then there are *beach bars*. Not all are made equal, and certainly not all are made ultra-cool – but La Réserve Ramatuelle’s new Philippe Stark-designed à la Plage in St Tropez most definitely is. Perhaps the most anticipated opening in town this summer, La Réserve à la Plage brings a chic bohemian vibe to the intimate hotel in the way of an ocean-side bar, restaurant and boutique plus all the double beach loungers you’ll need to people watch from day to night. Whether you’re all about warm sands and sunshine or tapas with an ocean view, we promise you’ll find your summertime bliss – and your tête-à-tête with the Mediterranean – right here.

ULTRA-CUTE Hunza G Swimwear 


You’d sooner expect your new favourite swimwear brand to be designed in an Ibizan atelier than in Fitzrovia, but the London-made, resort-ready Hunza G might change your mind on that. If you’re familiar with the label, you might know it as Hunza, originally launched in the 80s. It’s since been relaunched as Hunza G, and you may have seen its signature crinkle-stretch pieces splashed all over Instagram, most recently by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley whose posts caused the brand’s online store to crash. If not, we’re pleased to introduce you to these one-size-fit-all (yes, really!) beauties as the only swimwear you’ll need this summer. Head over to their Instagram (@hunza.g) for inspiration, then get shopping!

ULTRA-MODERN Sacromonte Landscape Hotel, Uruguay

Part hotel, part winery, Sacromonte is a newly-opened, ultra-boutique modern masterpiece set amidst – or rather, utterly camouflaged against – the rugged wilds of Uruguay’s Maldonado region.

Comprised of 13 futuristic, mirror-fronted refugios, or “shelters”, whose reflective walls become floor-to-ceiling glass from the inside, the hotel is designed for all the rolling vineyard views and none of the visual pollution, making for a thoroughly immersive stay.

Pared-back yet comfortably contemporary interiors keep your eyes focused on the surrounding wilderness you came to see, while open-air terraces complete with their sunken private plunge pools reward all who make the long trip down to this remote setting with a real sense of oneness with the land.

ULTRA-MATTE Ultra-Matte Collection, Dior

It may only be July but if there’s anything that’ll get you in the mood for winter ’19 it’ll surely be Dior’s new Ultra-Matte Collection. Launched just days ago, the collection puts a simple yet super modern spin on the House’s iconic Lady Dior, Saddle and Diorama designs, seeing them reinvented with an understated, almost street-style matte finish.

You can pick one up online, from stores worldwide, or you can hop over Dior’s new boutique on Paris’ Champs-Elysées. Unveiled just a week ago, the boutique with its giant drape façade has been designed in likeness to the House’s beloved flagship address at 30 Avenue Montaigne, and offers a range of special creations and personalisation services exclusive to the store.

ULTRA-FRESH The Sushi Bar, Harrods

Launched barely a month ago in time for the summer influx of shoppers, Harrods has unveiled a new culinary destination where its meat and fish hall once stood. Housed in the Grade II listed space, the revitalized Dining Hall has replaced its fresh food counters with a selection of open-kitchen style mini eateries. And the fare is as fresh as it gets.

Our favourite option? Undoubtedly the Sushi Bar. While Harrods might not be the first place you’d think of for sushi in London, order wisely – we’re talking chutoro nigiris, A5 wagyu tartar and fresh wasabi ground on shark’s skin – and it’ll be the place you remember. Take it from a self-professed connoisseur, seldom do the Japanese classics come as fresh as here.

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