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Glow Maintenance: How To Hold On To Your Holiday Glow

Tanned limbs can be a short-lived souvenir from your holiday. By the time you’re wheeling your suitcase home it can feel like that post-vacation glow has already evaporated on the plane. Sound familiar?

Turns out the beach life – sun, sea, sand and infinity pools – can actually be responsible for dry and dehydrated skin when you’re home. So when it comes to keeping that elusive vacation glow for longer, you need to up your skin maintenance. That, and cheat…

While super-charging your face and body routine will replenish depleted skin, booster products can help you hold on to your holiday tan (we won’t tell if you don’t).

Restore post-vacation skin with this kit to get your skin glowing again.


Even if you’re super-strict with high SPFs on holiday, your complexion can become parched and dry on return which can lead to dull and congested skin – basically the opposite of a healthy, vacation glow.

“UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning) stimulate the free radicals in our skin, which damage and deplete the collagen we need to keep skin looking young and firm,” explains Australia’s Vida Glow founder, Anna Lahey (

“After a sun-filled holiday, we need to feed skin with essential nutrients and help promote the growth of healthy new collagen.” Your daily moisturiser just won’t cut it, so amp up your regime with serums and masks.


Whether it’s vats of sangria or halloumi cheese, holiday over-indulgence can leave your skin feeling (and looking) sluggish – not conducive to glowing skin.

“In the days and weeks after your vacation, follow a clean diet and daily body treatments to really boost circulation so that toxins can be more effectively flushed away,” advises skin guru, Emma Coleman (

“Before your morning shower, try massaging a body oil onto sluggish areas, then applying a body scrub over the top, and massaging again, making large circles with your hands. Try and do 20 reps over each area before rinsing off for invigorated, smoother skin.”


A tan can take weeks to build up, but days to fade again – if you don’t cheat, that is. Tanning has gone high-tech with subtle gradual tans and clever self-tan drops that you can add to your favourite moisturisers to keep your glow for longer – all while hydrating your skin.

“Use an after-sun – they are usually designed to prolong a real tan but also work the same with a self-tan if you’re topping up,” advises tanning expert, James Read (

“To get the most natural-looking, believable tan, apply a gradual tan over a two day period. When it comes to the face always use a gradual tan as you want to keep it natural and light, as this is the first thing people see.”

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