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Citizen Femme Hotlist: Your Beauty Checklist

If you’ve got fashion fever … Here’s how to keep on top of your game.

Walk out your door with these 5 preparation treatments and you will feel like you are front-row ready year-round.

THE BROWS Suman Brows

Sunglasses are de rigeur during Fashion Month, even indoors, and the only thing peeking out from behind them is your brows, so you’ll want them to be looking on point. Enter Suman Brows. What brows do to prepare the face, nothing else quite does. Polished, preened, perfect arches that frame the face. Suman Jalaf is the microblading expert with her first atelier in South Kensington, concession at the Urban Retreat Bar, and on the verge of launching something you won’t want to travel without (#watchthisspace).

Have no fear, you are in the best hands with Suman. She will measure, shape and tint your brows to perfection (alongside a patch test) before she cracks on with her magic. A numbing cream is applied and Suman re-measures up, like an architect designing their masterpiece. She makes light strokes, akin to little scratches in your eyebrows to create natural lines where the new naturally-drawn hairs will be, and then adds the pigmented colour onto the eyebrow. (Note: If you don’t like the sound of scratching, wear headphones and relax). Follow the strict aftercare rules and after 6-8 weeks, you have a top up. The treatments lasts around 18 months and one where you will wake up and face fashion month (and frankly the whole year) head-on.


It was one of this year’s hottest fitness openings in London. With cult status across the USA, Great Marlborough Street in Soho, got its very own SoulCycle. With its signature high-octane music veering from energetic pop to thumping rock, the instructors describe the class as a “mind-body-soul experience”. At points you’re encouraged to “close your eyes and ride!” Go ahead, ride like no-ones watching. The American classes are full of enthusiasm, rather more vocal than the British crowds, but we’ll warm up.

Seven times purified water is on hand, Drunk Elephant serums, faces washes and moisturisers, and Dyson hairdryers are in the changing rooms. There’s a feeling of euphoria at the end of the class, so if not for the fitness benefits, do it for the drug-free adrenalin high that will fuel you throughout the day following a 45 minute intense bicycle ride.

(Photo Credit: Sikora Photography Ltd)

THE FACIAL Abigail James at The Beaumont


Abigail James is the year-round go to for beauty editors. She has confirmed her permanent residency at The Beaumont Hotel’s Spa. Her legendary facial massage is the real industry insiders treatment that takes you straight to the double head turn wherever you go. Pick from the following:

The Hero Facial – perfect for city skin detoxing and restoring your complexion and glow, this go-to bespoke facial combines Abigail’s massage methods, lymphatic drainage, serums and masks.

The Wow Factor – More than just a facial, this iconic multi-method treatment is all about results through an array of techniques blending Abigail’s unique sculpting massage methods.

For a transformation, this is your go-to monthly facial.



This ancient spa treatment is second to none for cleansing your skin pre and post fashion month. London’s largest hammam sits within The Ned (newest London Hotel from the Soho House group). Treatments range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Lay down on the heated marble counter, warm water will be poured all over your body from above, for a little rinse, followed by a lathering using a black eucalyptus soap wash and scrub, which helps to even out, tone and soothe dry skin, leaving it silky soft. Relax afterwards through a full-body massage, a body wrap, a hair cleanse or a combination of all three.

THE MANICURE The Townhouse

Go to town with Townhouse – a firm favourite with UK’s Beauty Editors. As soon as you walk in you’re offered the menu with every nail shade you could think of and that month’s nail art specials. Gel manicures last for 3 weeks (yes, we tried), it’s the most thorough manicure you’ll ever have.

Sit comfortably in beautiful surroundings as you are adorned in  elegant nail art with non toxic paints and latest LED lamps to minimise UV exposure and a zero tolerance for acrylics. You will never look at a nail salon in the same way again.

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