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Where To Go Next Month: The Sustainable November Edit

Plan your November sustainable escape and minimise the environmental and social impact of your travel while you’re at it.

But we hear you ask, ‘How?’ From Asia to Europe to South America, there are so many places to escape sustainably, managing to minimise the negative impacts on the environment and the communities you visit. Positive Luxury helps you find your ideal winter getaway, and make sustainable choices while you’re at it.


Between the food, the weather and the people, Thailand is an unforgettable destination. One day, you can be immersed in a jungle, and the next, you’re in the centre of a bustling city. Take excursions to Bangkok lead by a local guide, visits to villages in Chang Mai and dips in the hot springs at Mekajan. Travel with Ansova who which means empowering local communities, funding social relief projects and supporting educational programs. Every single trip is planned with the protection of the destination’s environment and community in mind.


The landlocked nation of Bolivia has one of the most diverse landscapes in the world, and it’s a place to head to if you’re open to a nice mix of relaxation and adventure. Allow yourself the most immersive experience with Aracari Travel with their Highlights of Bolivia tour. You’ll see the snow-capped Andes, take in the pristine Lake Titicaca and enjoy the vibrant local culture and cuisine.

Aracari’s mission, apart from offering an incredible travel experience, is to protect the ecosystems and Indigenous communities they visit with their guests. That responsible travel mission includes educating guests in advance of their trips with best-practice guidelines, favouring local businesses, minimising their environmental impact, and promoting the community-run tourism initiatives they believe in.


Not keen on a warm-weather holiday? Visit Zermatt, Switzerland, with Lagom and take in the beauty of the iconic Matterhorn mountain. You can stay in any one of their beautiful villas, skiing world-class slopes by day and enjoying crystal-clear skies at night.

Since their trips rely on the existence of snow-covered mountains, Lagom is particularly concerned with reducing global warming. Because of that, they have several sustainability goals that include providing carbon-zero holidays by 2030, reducing all waste and helping their guests make conscious choices.


Most people think of Lisbon or the Algarves when they’re planning a trip to Portugal. But change it up and head to the countryside with Rusticae instead. Their destination Quinta Dos Carvalhos is an agricultural farm close to the Castelo Branco in the heart of the Beira Baixa region. You can spend your days outside by the pool, observing the goings on at the farm, or just taking in the natural beauty. There are also opportunities to visit small-scale cheese producers, and visit several nearby historic towns.

As with most of Rusticae’s hotels, Quinta Dos Carvalhos is surrounded by nature, and aims to connect its guests with that nature in its purest form. They feature menus full of certified organic products, guide guests in preserving the ecosystems around them, and help support local businesses.


Another incredibly diverse Central American country, Guatemala has stunning landscapes and a beautiful fusion of Mayan and colonial culture. At the heart of the Mayan civilization, from ancient ruins and colourful villages, a charming UNESCO city, to beautiful lakes surrounded by volcanoes, there’s a lot to see and savour in this Central American country. It is further emerging as a place that engages eco-travellers and offers plenty of opportunities to give back to the community.

You can see it all with The Evolved Traveler and their Guatemalan tour. A visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the town of Antigua, includes taking in its pretty pastel houses, restaurants and shops, and then the surrounding coffee farms, villages and ruins.

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