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Citizen Femme Guide To Cuba: Part 1

Travel lovers are obsessed with Cuba and we can’t blame them. It’s a must do bucket list destination that has garnered much attention for its unique history, classic cars and remarkable natural beauty.

Cuba is for romantics, for lovers of art, history, culture and gorgeous sunsets. It is the travel destination for those with an affinity for places that have a complex history. It’s a country that wholeheartedly embraces a ‘go with the flow’ philosophy and where people believe in making the most out of what they have, at any given moment. A country that values joy and community, and where people seem to take nothing for granted.

Get as colourful as your surroundings in Cuba with these suitcase must-haves curated by fashion editor Lisa Haynes.


Traveling through Cuba is a profound, multifaceted and a multi-sensory cultural experience. The island’s varied historical influences from Europe, Africa and the Americas have cultivated distinct sounds, aesthetics and flavours, that are emphatically Cuban. The streets transport you to a different time, one where classic American cars and old world charm abound.


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“Cruising down El Prado, with the wind in my hair not wanting to miss a moment. The strumming sounds of live music pierce through the hum of the wind. Motorcycles pass by weaving through the parade of candy colored cars. The warmth of the sun kisses the nape of my neck. I absorb the sights and sounds around me fully present in this moment: my first time seeing the beauty that is Havana.” ✨🏝✨ Have you been to Havana? What was it like? Share some of your #traveltales in the comments below. #islandmagic #thecubatraveler

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Cuba lacks the abundance of commercial advertising; that means no billboards or screens vying for your attention. It’s ideal for a digital detox and if you’re looking to connect with humanity, with your innermost selves, with friends or family. You just may find yourself surrounded by the sea, listening to the rhythms of African drums, gazing upon immaculate Spanish colonial architecture, and savouring the rich tradition hand-rolled into an authentic Cuban cigar.

As the largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba possesses countless hidden gems waiting to be unearthed. It is home to some of the oldest cities in the Western Hemisphere and boasts 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From the large capital city of Havana in the north, to the colonial streets of Trinidad in the south-east, and the evergreen valley of Viñales to the west, the island is steeped in magic, riddled with history and rich in culture.


The subject of the song that launched Camila Cabello’s career, the capital of Cuba and the largest city in the Caribbean, Havana, founded in 1519, is a must see for all first-time travellers to the island nation. This year is an especially enchanting time to visit as the city commemorates its 500-year anniversary.


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Just a typical Wednesday in Cuba✨😘 #thecubatraveler #humpday #cubaneo . . . PC: Ben Watts

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A prehistoric, culturally significant and karst landscape once submerged by the sea; Viñales is the heart of Cuba’s world-renowned tobacco industry. The area also boasts an array of natural wonders with a historically significant and intricate cave system, lush hiking and biking trails. There are also some 47 archaeological sites in the Viñales Valley, many linked to aboriginal communities from the pre-Hispanic era.


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Travel back in time to a scene reminiscent of ‪Jurassic Park‬. ✨⛰✨ Like Old Havana, and less than a 3-hour drive west from the city, Viñales is an #UNESCO #worldheritage site. It has served as a sort of Eden dating back to before modern civilization. With the arrival of the Spanish came large-scale tobacco farming. Cuba became the birthplace of the #cigar, and the #Viñales Valley its beating heart. Cuba’s breathtaking miles of lush tobacco plantations are truly unmatched. Growing #tobacco is an art that requires a delicate touch, attentive care and persistence. In Cuba, growers take the craft very seriously and treat the process with utmost respect. This is the only place in the world where all three leaves required for cigar production are produced. Viñales offers travelers the unique opportunity to intimately witness the creation of this national treasure. The area also boasts an array of natural wonders with a historically significant and intricate cave system and lush hiking and biking trails. One can even take in the views on horseback. #thecubatraveler #islandmagic #vinalesvalley

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A tranquil 16th century sea-side town built on a hillside and paved with cobblestone streets, Trinidad is one of Cuba’s oldest cities and home to some spectacular island views.


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The entire town (including the neighbouring Valle de los Ingenios) is a UNESCO heritage site and the city proudly preserves an amazing collection of centuries-old pastel-coloured homes and churches.

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