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The period of chilling out with a Quality Street tin(s) and Christmas movies on the couch is almost upon us. Pre-Christmas can be manic, so take some well-deserved time out with our picks of where to treat yourself this week.

From bespoke champagne popping cakes, to keep-you-warm scarves with empowering messages, these are the things that we’re loving this week…

WEAR THIS Brora phenomenal women

Phenomenal women, take note: cashmere brand Brora has designed a statement scarf that supports the sisterhood. Brora has teamed up with three leading ladies – Helena Bonham Carter, Laura Bailey and Erin O’Connor – to design exclusive pieces with 10% of the proceeds going directly to Save the Children. Designed by Helena Bonham Carter, we’re obsessed with the Phenomenal Woman extra-long slogan scarf that speaks our language. The 100% cashmere scarf comes in two colourways, carbon and petal pink, or swan and heather green, £225.

EAT HERE Albert Adrià's Cake & Bubbles

Christmas indulgence on Regent Street. Walking down the street is Christmas enough, before you reach Cakes and Bubbles, opened by one of Spain’s most celebrated chefs, Albert Adrià – a cake shop and sparkling wine bar. Adrià — who is perhaps best known for his eternally hot Barcelona restaurant, Tickets — is the brother and business partner of Ferran Adrià, creator of the now-closed, seminal, three-Michelin-starred Catalan restaurant El Bulli.

Experience exceptional desserts which includes the renowned Tickets “cheesecake” and the chocolate cork and chocolate ingot presented on half a champagne bottle. And if you simply haven’t had enough, take some away and add a whole bunch of goodies as stocking fillers, or entire gifts with a range of hampers. Sit back in the Siena marble clad space and watch the world on Regent Street go by.

CARRY THIS Au Depart Paris  

Au Depart. Mais Oui. This Parisian brand counts as one of the greatest trunk-makers, and has just been relaunched with a whole new energy.

Founded in 1834 at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, the legacy house was at the start of the transformation of travel ultimately epitomising the phrase “Travel in Style”. As you plan your 2020 travels, this all-encompassing collection addresses leisure lifestyle featuring their classic trunks, as well as light-weight handbags boasting the brand’s signature monogram.

Looking for a full collection? Pick up a bespoke DJ set, wine cooler, champagne case luggage with a set of glasses, in trunks, perfect for travelling. A backgammon board, all covered in beautiful leather, can be closed as a briefcase, even a Playstation box, built in a chic trunk, and covered in a “reflective” monogrammed jacquard.

WATCH THIS Little Women

Greta Gerwig directs Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Saoirse Ronan and Eliza Scanlen in a new cinema adaptation of classic book Little Women. Meryl Streep takes on aunt March, while Laura Dern plays Marmee. With already glowing reviews, and critics describing the film as warm and engrossing, it’s a Christmas holiday trip to the movies you’ll want to book.

USE THIS Paula's Choice C15 booster

Your skin’s new best friend. For post party skin, post Chritmas skin, fresh New Year skin, this is the super charge you’ll be carrying with you everywhere. Renowned for being 100% transparent and a trustworthy leader in the beauty industry, PAULA’S CHOICE C15 Super Booster comes with an incredibly potent 15% vitamin C for radically brighter, younger-looking skin.

While you can use them alone, like a serum, they also work brilliantly when added to your existing skincare for an extra impactful effect.

READ THIS How to Make a Difference: The Definitive Guide from the World’s Most Effective Activists 

Feeling like 2020 might be the year to make your impact with necessary activism? This is a practical roadmap to modern day activism created by the brilliant minds behind the world’s biggest campaigns including Colin Kaepernick, Emma Watson, Sir Bob Geldof, Fatima Bhutto, Black Lives Matter, Cher, Matt Damon, Rakesh Kapoor and Gina Miller; collectively they combine the latest models of thinking, real life experiences, radical techniques and advice in order to help incentivize everyone and anyone who has ever wondered, how can I help?

From How to Use Social Media Effectively to How to End a Problem Forever, this book educates as much as it encourages. If not now, when?


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