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6 Of The Best Life-Changing Sleep Retreats

We all know the significance sleep plays on the body. In a time when being busy is ‘on trend’, with hectic lifestyles, and the chronic stress on mind and body causing anxiety, it all just leaves us feeling a little bit lacklustre.

When night falls, endless tossing and turning in bed with a million thoughts whizzing through our mind and the inevitable sluggish feeling the next morning, is becoming our own pandemic.

There’s no time like the present (and we really mean that), where sleep should be high on your priority list, boosting immunity for your mind and body.

Here are our top sleep retreats to book in to, designed to boost your immunity, leave you blissful and on cloud 9.

REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort, Bali

Revīvō’s Sleep Well program aims to improve and normalise your sleeping patterns and will help combat health imbalances causing your resting issues, from, including stress, high blood pressure and low immune system, so you can sleep easily on your holiday and take on the habit once you return to your normal schedule back home.

Food is prepared according to your blood type, Ayurvedic treatments and rebalancing activities such as yoga and music therapy are brought together to ease you into the process of achieving a true good night’s sleep.

Six Senses, Douro Valley, Portugal

“Sleep With Six Senses” takes the perfect night’s slumber to new heights.

The setting provides a sense of peace in itself in the Douro Valley property in Portugal. Each bedroom has had a wellness overhaul with the help of top Sleep Doctor Michael J. Breus Ph.D. Based on a pre-stay questionnaire, a dedicated Sleep Ambassador prepares a tailored sleep programme. Your room is fine-tuned prior to arrival and turn down service each evening ensures optimum sleep conditions. The Naturalmat mattresses to the organic pillows and duvets to the ‘Sleep Bag’, inside which houses a selection of specially developed sleep aids. A Withings sleep tracker and app is used to identify sleep patterns and the results from the app will be reviewed with a Six Senses Integrated Wellness Practitioner with an activity plan of spa treatments and activities to help improve sleep.

Kamalaya, Koh Samui

Choose from 5, 7 or 9 day programmes (as well as a selection of other add-ons) for the ultimate in Sleep Enhancement. The programme re-establishes healthy and restful sleep while addressing sleep issues and imbalances, to use long term.

Developed by Kamalaya co-founder Karina Stewart, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), she drew from a range of different therapies including naturopathy, TCM, massage therapy, and mind-body balance similar to coaching. Treatments incorporated acupuncture, yoga, Shirodhara, Royal Ayurvedic massage, meditation, as well as herbal foot baths with hand and foot massages to open the heart chakra. Herbs and supplements are also added to your daily diet. Wind down by about 9pm and turn off all gadgets, allowing your brain to prepare itself for sleep. Have a shower and read a book, and catch yourself as the melatonin production kicks in, and then head to bed, focusing on some quality shut-eye.

Lefay Resorts, Italy

Rediscover the magic of sleep with 2 of the Lefay locations, the mighty Dolomites or overlooking Lake Garda. Lefay Resort & Spa’s five-night ‘sweet dreams’ programme tackles insomnia with hormonal analysis and plenty of spa treatments. This programme stimulates the energy lines and the specific acupuncture points, thereby promoting sleep. During the programme, you’ll have an initial examination determining energy levels, personalised phytotherapy, energy facials and massages, acupuncture, reflexology treatments for insomnia, guided walks, and so much more. Just want to get away from it all and take care of you? It’s a great one for solo travellers.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

This top Swiss medical resort offers a ‘sleep diagnostics’ program run by doctors and includes medical check-ups and a ‘sleep investigation’. With a reputation as one of the world’s best medical health resorts, its three-day, two-night retreat is designed to help aide a healthy and restful sleep. The resort uses video-polysomnography to diagnose all the disturbances you have in your sleep and receive specific recommendations from those results. They will also do a number of medical tests to see if there’s anything holding you back from a good night’s sleep and you will have discussions with your doctor at the retreat who will devise a personal health dossier for you.

Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa, Mauritius

Enhance your attention span, improve creativity and learning capacity with better sleep at Shanti Sleep Mauritius. The Shanti Sleep programme puts yoga at the forefront, aiming to induce a deep state of relaxation by combining yoga nidra with gentle stretching yoga poses and pranayama (breath regulation). Yoga nidra is a powerful ancient relaxation practice that uniquely unwinds the nervous system, helping to reduce stress and induce restorative sleep.

For 5 or 7 night packages, the programme includes a wellness consultation followed by personal yoga sessions, Reiki, Tibetan sound massages, Magnesium sleep therapy, Reflexology and Shirodhara.

Hotel Cafe Royal, London

London never sleeps? Well Hotel Cafe Royal on Regent Street is giving you a good reason to find an excuse for some serious shut eye with its ‘London Retreat’.

With ultra-quiet bedrooms, yoga and meditation classes, personal training, unique bone setting treatments and a health-conscious menu all under one roof, the hotel and its Akasha Wellness spa have become destinations for those looking to unwind. They have partnered with silk sleepwear company, Slip; London’s leading destination for CBD, The Drug Store; revolutionary meditation app MEYA; and Rob Hobson, author of The Art of Sleeping for a one to one consultation.

While it may not help you long term, it will certainly let you catch up for all those sleepless nights.

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