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Make Self-Isolation More Comfortable With These 12 Small Businesses

For many of us who now have to self-isolate, we see-saw between trying to make sure we’re looking out for our mental health and wellbeing and also feeling guilty that we aren’t doing more to help others who are struggling.

It’s not a secret that small businesses are facing extra challenges to stay afloat and it really is a shame as many of them were founded to bring joy and positivity to their customers’ lives. So in the spirit of community and being there for one another, here are 12 small businesses you can support that also aim to help you relax and recharge as we ride out this difficult wave.


Is self isolation making you feel less motivated and lacking energy? Give yourself a boost with a cup of Bottleshot brew. Bottleshot founders Charlotte Dales and Annie Mitchell grew up drinking cold brew coffee in their native New Orleans and sought to bring the benefits of cold brew—such as bolder flavours with 60% less acidity—to the UK. Aside from being Soho House’s exclusive cold brew brand in the UK, Bottleshot is offering free shipping of their original Cold Brew Black and new dairy-free Cold Brew Coffee Oat M*lk so that you can get your caffeine fix without leaving home. 

Available in cases of 6, 12, 24, or more. Subscribe to receive a 10% discount.

From £2.50 per coffee Shop Now



Glowbar founder Sasha Sabapathy knows firsthand what stress and anxiety can do to your mind and body. Isolation can increase the effects of these and one of the best remedies is to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Enter Glowbar’s Ashwagandha elixir. This little pot of goodness is packed with 45g of the adaptogenic herb known for reducing the effects of the stress hormone cortisol. Whisk some of this magic powder into your hot matcha, golden mylk, or smoothie as part of your new evening routine. Use code GLOWSUPPORT for 30% off ashwaghanda at checkout.

45g Ashwagandha elixir pot costs £26.50 Shop Now

If you were keeping tabs on your favourite models and influencers during London Fashion Week, it would be hard to miss seeing Mimi Luzon’s famous 24k gold face masks. From Kaia Gerber to Irina Shayk, A-list celebrities have been adorning their faces with Mimi’s masks for years. Being cooped up inside probably means less make-up and exposure to harmful UV rays, but the change in environment can also lead to breakouts and dryness. Right before you get cosy on the couch to start that new series you have lined up, pull a Cleopatra and allow Mimi’s 24k pure gold mask to renew your skin cells, reduce dryness and wrinkles, and help treat skin infections and acne. 

Pack of 4 treatments for £300 Shop Now

Does working from home actually mean working from bed? Don’t worry, we won’t tell! With your bed playing an even more important role in your life now, why not invest in the ethically-made, chemical-free bedding sets from Bedfolk? With a promise to simplify the process of buying ridiculously comfortable bedding, the team at Bedfolk sources their products from a world-class mill in Portugal to ensure you’re getting only the finest materials to lay your head on. Available in four mix and match colours, you can choose from three styles: the laidback and ultra-soft Relaxed set, the crisp and super-smooth Classic, or the silky-soft and opulent Luxe. 
(Orders coe with a 60-night snooze trial and free deliveries and returns.)

From £79 Shop Now

If your new OOTD involves pyjamas and more pyjamas, husband-and-wife team Molly and Joel Jeffery have you covered. Their luxury pyjama company Desmond & Dempsey was created when their long distance relationship meant Sunday Skype sessions in pyjamas, so they know how important it is to use only the highest quality cotton fabrics that will last forever. Brighten up your mornings with prints hand-painted in London and inspired by patterns the world over. Think mermaids from Frida Kahlo’s family home to leopards crawling through a wild jungle reminiscent of the romantic patterns from 1950s Monaco. 

You can personalise your PJs with their free monogramming service. Keep an eye out for D&D’s newest collection—inspired by Molly and Joel’s recent trip to India—launching in April. 

From £120 Shop Now

Craving carbs? Pasta Evangelists delivers fresh boxes of pasta across the UK so you can spend more time enjoying the meal than cooking. Every week 10 new dishes are released bringing a little Italianita to British  home kitchens. From Wild Boar and Red Wine Ragu to classic Cacio e Pepe. Each box includes freshly handmade pasta, an authentic Italian sauce, garnishes and instructions. Choose a one-time-only box or take out ‘Pasta Club’ membership, which is customisable and offers between 2 and 10 servings per delivery.

As we need to take care of our elders, now more so than ever, they have created the ‘Pasta Care Package’, in partnership with @age_uk. Each package has three delicious recipes cooked in 10 minutes and can be delivered straight to the door of older relatives and friends. £5 from every care package is donated to support the charity.  

From £7.02 Shop Now




Whether you’re prepping for a video group chat with your girls or are celebrating solo, step up your party game with Funkin Cocktails. As an award-winning supplier to bars and mixologists for over 20 years, Funkin knows a thing or two about making tasty bar-quality drinks no matter where you are. Their Nitro Cocktail range delivers a party in a can with flavours like Pink Gin Fizz, Amaretto Sour, and their newest addition, the nitro Piña Colada. Because all of their drinks are nitrogen-infused, cracking one open ignites a smokeshow with just enough foam to mimic what you’d get if you were out on the town. All available for next-day delivery. 

£2.29 each or ready-to-drink party pack for £28 Shop Now



Worried you’ll put on the WFH 15? You won’t have an excuse with Mindful Chef’s range of healthy meals frozen to lock in freshness and ready in just 8 minutes. The chef-prepared, nutritionist-approved meals use ingredients like grass-fed beef and free-range chicken and are gluten- and dairy-free. Stay healthy and nourished with flavourful dishes like chipotle chicken with charred corn and brown rice, yellow Thai tofu curry with red rice, and Italian-style beef and squash lasagne.

£7 per portion Shop Now



Plantshake company FOGA urges you to ditch the blender and absorb more of the micronutrients and antioxidants that nature has to offer. Now more than ever, we need to make sure we’re keeping fit and protecting against harmful viruses. It takes less than a minute to add a FOGA plantshake pouch to 250ml of water or milk, shake well, and let rest so that the plants can rehydrate and be ready to nourish you and your body. Fill up your plantshake box with shake flavours like carrot cake protein, blueberry and sour cherry, banana and turmeric, and beetroot and ginger. They’re offering 40% off for NHS frontline workers.

From £31 Shop Now

Stay hydrated with Dash Water. Better than traditional soft drinks, Dash Water is free from sugar, sweeteners and zero calories, infused with a natural ‘dash’ of flavour, well wonky fruit and veg. The company works closely with the food waste charity Feedback to support the movement for nutritious food without trashing the planet. No food wastage = supporting farmers = great tasting drinks. The existing four flavour can collection consists of; Blackcurrant, Cucumber, Lemon and Raspberry.

Subscribe and save, with deliveries straight to your doorstep, daily, weekly or monthly – with free next day postage.

FROM £1.29 Shop Now

Life and Business Coach Pandora Paloma has built her business around supporting clients to manage their inner critics, expanding their minds, and helping them create the lives they desire. She calls her coaching style “spreadsheets meet spirituality” and has developed easy-to-follow techniques for dealing with fear and anxiety and how to be a magnetic person that attracts unlimited opportunities. Grab yourself a copy of Paloma’s book Intuitive Living, which is based on her 6-week guide to self-love, intuitive eating, and reclaiming your mind-body connection.

Paloma’s book is based on her self-study Intuitive Living course, which can be purchased in full at £149 or in instalments. The course includes 6 weeks of recorded content, workbooks, access to a private Facebook group, a weekly journal, and more.

£149 Shop Now



Now that your office and your home have merged into one, it’s more vital than ever to create an atmosphere where you can be both calm and productive. Made with 100% natural fragrances, Neom Organics’ line of products will be you and your flat’s new best friends. Take your pick from scents to help you sleep, de-stress, make you happy, or boost your energy. From getting rid of germs with essential oil hand washes and lotions, to the Feel Refreshed reed diffuser set, to magnesium body butter for the perfect night’s sleep, Neom Organics will fill your home with positivity during these unprecedented times. 

From £4 Shop Now


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