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Recreate The Spa At Home With These Top Products

Like it or not, staying in is officially the new going out for the foreseeable. If your stress levels are currently off the chart, transforming your lounge/bathroom/spare room into a makeshift spa can help (we promise).

“Now that people are getting used to their new home setting, people are slowly but surely thinking increasingly about their beauty regime,” says Julien Levy, director of Dr. Levy Switzerland. “They want to keep up their self-confidence – and appearance – but also find new ways to take care of themselves.”

In the absence of checking in to a destination spa for some time out, recreate the atmosphere at home for maximum zen. Head massage on the sofa, anyone?

Join the at-home spa revolution. From high-tech LED masks to crystal contour tools, here’s how to recreate the spa at home. Gratuity charge, optional.


Walk into any luxury spa and you’ll probably be captivated at first smell. All the best spas have aromas that leave you feeling relaxed but invigorated all at the same time. Recreate the at-home spa experience by lighting your favourite candle and letting the scent fill the room before you even think about beginning your beauty rituals. If you love aromatherapy, try Neom’s Wellbeing Pod that not only releases a fine mist of natural essential oil blends, but also humidifies the air around your home for instant spa vibes. Bespoke your mood booster with scent blends ranging from ‘Calm & Relax’ to ‘Make You Happy’. 



Yes, cotton pyjamas are great but there’s no item of clothing that says ‘spa-ready’ like a fluffy white robe. Just cocooning into one can make you feel reset and ready to pamper. Keep it cotton and classic white and you can’t go wrong. The trick to spa-like comfort levels with your robe is to size up, (or borrow your boyfriend’s) so the arms are roomy and your knees are covered. Sheridan’s Elissa robe has spa day written all over it. In super-soft Egyptian cotton, the white is contrasted with a piping around the collar and pockets. Put on your favourite chill-out music in the background and you’re all set.


Never underestimate the power of massage – even if it’s self-massage. Studies show that a massage activates the body on an internal level to respond to and correct the physiological imbalance caused by stress. If your mind’s racing, try using Aromatherapy Associates’ The De-Stress Collection before bedtime. Massage the De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil all over your body taking time to inhale the fragrance as you massage it deeply into your skin before stepping into a warm bath. You can also boost the aromatherapy benefits by cupping your hands to your face and inhaling deeply three times. Complete your relax massage ritual by drying off and smoothing body oil into weary limbs for the ultimate chillout therapy. 


Doing a 12-step facial like the pros isn’t easy but there’s a clever little tool that can help. Combine your favourite serum or face oil with Odacite’s Crystal Contour Gua Sha. Handcrafted from natural sodalite crystals, this luxe but oh-so-simple tool hugs the curves and contours of your face to help increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage so your skin feels both smooth and sculpted. Skin (and you) feeling off-kilter? The Blue Sodalite stone is specifically known as ‘the harmoniser’ to help restore peace and tranquillity. Rub your hands together to warm up your serum and then get to work with your Gua Sha, gently gliding the stone across your face for that post-facial glow. 

Shut the door to your bedroom or bathroom, and find your moment of calm. I always light my candles then shut the door for five minutes before re-entering for the scent to really hit me.

– Nicola Elliott, Neom founder


Head or hand massage? It’s everybody’s favourite question from the spa therapist when your facial involves some kind of downtime for a product to work its magic. If you’re sitting in a hydrating sheet mask at home, use the 10-15 minutes wisely by doubling up with a relaxing head massage. You can DIY, or ask a partner/friend to do the honours in return for stockpiled chocolate. Davines’ Wellbeing Massage Oil is specifically formulated as the ideal base for a heavenly head massage. Apply around two pipettes evenly over the whole scalp and massage in for a relaxing and purifying treatment. It also helps improve scalp elasticity and encourage microcirculation if your hair’s looking lacklustre, win-win. 


Even the most high-tech beauty treatments are now accessible from your sofa. If you know all about the skin regenerating powers of LED light therapy, introduce your face to The Light Salon’s Boost LED Mask while you’re self-quarantining. Harnessing the power of Red and Near-Infrared light (but not Blue light), it works to reduce wrinkles, boost hydration and increase your skin’s firmness. Made of flexible silicon, it adapts to any face shape so it’s comfortable enough to wear as you’re watching Netflix. Aim for the recommended treatment programme of 10 minutes, 3-5 days a week. As an added skin bonus, any topical skincare you apply post-treatment will work even harder on your face, so follow up with a DIY facial for optimum results. 


No spa day is complete without a spell in the relaxation room. After your treatment rituals, sip on a relaxing herbal tea to continue the spa vibe. Try Ma Muse’s Feel Relaxed Tea, which is a comforting caffeine-free rooibos. With a blend that contains calming and mood-lifting lemon balm and lavender, summery orange blossom, and the sweet hint of caramel and vanilla, it ticks all the boxes for a sensory tea experience. Infuse this loose-leaf tea with boiling water, let it steep for five minutes, and then relax in your favourite spot in the house with a big blanket and pretend you’re at your favourite spa. 

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