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12 Fitness Gurus Who You Can Work Out With Online

Whilst many of us are taking responsibility over our health and wellbeing and caring for those who need us the most, it isn’t a secret that one aspect of our regular lives has been severely disrupted by having to stay at home—our fitness routines.

If you’re like me and enjoy working out and going to fitness classes on a regular basis, your search for staying both active and motivated whilst in self-isolation and indeed lockdown will have begun. And IGTV is brimming with constant lives, so it can be overwhelming in your search for who to follow.

Whether you want to squeeze in a lunchtime workout or start your day with a yoga flow, we’ve selected our favourite 12 fitness gurus who have taken their workouts online so that you can stay in shape without leaving your room.


#SmashCity is their hasthag. A quick look at their Instagram and you understand instantly how it has developed such a cult following. This famed gym is home to NY’s glitterati, with its indoor and outdoor kickass workouts. So good are the trainers and workouts, founder Kirk Myers was flown to China to work with the girls before they walked the Victoria’s Secret runway. The tough-as-nails workouts include activities that range from super-heavy weightlifting to resistance band training. Check into their instagram for regular at home workouts from their top trainers, and inspiration throughout their feed. Train like an angel, indeed.

Louisa Drake

Celebrity favourite Louisa Drake has trained the likes of Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Felicity Jones. She is also the founder and creator of The Louisa Drake Method (LDM), where she uses her background in nutritional studies and experience as a professional dancer to develop workouts that fuse disciplines like cardio, yoga, pilates, conditioning, and ballet with a holistic approach to fitness.

In normal circumstances, you’ll find Louisa in her flagship LDM Studio inside the Detox Kitchen in Fitzrovia, but now you can access her 30-45-minute on-demand video content and virtual LDM workouts online to help you achieve the longer, leaner, and stronger body that LDM is known for.

Cassey Ho

One of the original fitness influencers, Cassey Ho is an award-winning instructor and creator of Blogilates. Over 4 million subscribers tune in to her famous POP Pilates workouts that are fun, dynamic, and set to energetic pop music. Whether you’re after relaxing stretches that you can do in bed (yes, really!) or are keen to try her Bad Guy Booty workout (inspired by Billie Eilish), Cassey has you covered.

Always one to stay one step ahead and adapt to any challenge, she’s already created a 14-day quarantine workout plan and her website is a fitness mecca filled with printable calendars, 30-day challenges, and tips for cooking yourself healthy.

Barry's Bootcamp

Looking for high intensity? Welcome to Barry’s. Not for the faint-hearted. The fitness studio is famed for just this, pushing its participants to their physical limit in 60 minutes. They have distilled their intense workouts into 30 minutes, bringing them to Instagram live. On the studio’s Insta account, they share details of the classes offered online from Barry’s favourite trainers, which are going live 2-3 times per day. They include sessions that use your entire bodyweight and others that focus on different areas of the body. Not only amazing workouts, they also help improve mental health, which is very much needed right now.

Exact workout times vary slightly depending on community feedback, so make sure you’re following their Instagram for all the up-to-date info.

Other Movement


Cara and Abel Jose founded Other Movement to make yoga more accessible and less intimidating. Yogis and non-yogis alike flock to their studio for multi-sensory candlelit hot yoga classes set to music. Despite not being able to deliver the full OM experience during the lockdown period, Cara and Abel have scheduled Vinyasa and Gentle Flow (Hatha) classes on Instagram Live and meditation clips on IGTV, with more additions coming soon.

Follow the Other Movement team on Instagram to join a class and make sure you check out the donation links they’ve provided as they’re donating 100% of proceeds each week to COVID-19 frontliners.


If boxing is usually your bag, KOBOX is the one you’ll need to follow, on Instagram. Their live classes, usually streamed at 10am GMT, have their fabulous trainers keeping you sweating and in top shape. Missing the group atmosphere? They have their playlists to stream on Spotify while you follow along, to recreate a hell of a sweaty 50 minute Instagram live, so dim the lights, turn up the music and follow along on IGTV, for full body effectiveness.

Paola’s Body Barre


With over 70 classes and numerous personal training sessions each week, it isn’t surprising that Paola Di Lanzo has built quite a fan base for her cult workout Paola’s Body Barre. Paola wanted to create a “one stop shop for the body” that keeps her clients both flexible and functional without bulking up. Getting into the deeper stabilising core muscles through movements inspired by pilates, HIIT, and ballet barre allows Paola’s clients to lift and tone in under an hour.

PBB has gone virtual with all classes available online, single classes start form £8 and £85 for virtual personal training.

Lizette Pompa

Originally from Mexico, Lizette Pompa started her yoga journey whilst living in Madrid and went on to open a studio of her own in Sweden. How’s that for world domination? Lizette’s unique teaching style sees her students swinging kettlebells and incorporating weights into the practice to build stronger bodies that are more resilient to stress and injuries.

Train and practice with Lizette via her Youtube channel or download her app for weekly workouts, kettlebell yoga, yoga strength classes, and tutorials.


F45 is really global. The community is fast, fun and pushes on results-driven, high-intensity group workouts. Now you can do a fully global group workout. 45 is the total amount required for sweat-dripping, heart-pumping fun.

Not everyone has a fully equipped gym in their homes, so here’s where the trainers’ creativity reaches the next level. F45 incorporates random household objects into the workouts. “They’re doing it with gallons of milk, bags of rice, big jugs of water and dog food. And we saw them doing it and we’re like we got this stuff,” said Allan Benavides. “We are looking for paint cans, dog food, I’m weighing this stuff on a scale like okay this is about five pounds, that’s about 10 pounds, here’s a 30 pound bag.”

Follow their main F45 Instagram page, or local studios around the world led by their own instructors. Some have a £35 per month subscription for unlimited at-home workouts, and follow other IGTV instructor-led lives.

Cat Meffan

Cat Meffan was a former gymnast and dancer but it was only after a string of injuries that she found a new passion in the form of yoga. Through her retreats and shared content, she aims to open others to the power of meditation, mindfulness, and self-discovery.

Whether it’s learning how to do a headstand, improving hip mobility, or getting meditation tips, Cat has hundreds of free videos on her Youtube channel or you can join her members-only Soul Sanctuary to get access to a private Facebook group, movement breakdowns, and monthly live Q&As with Cat herself, as well as regular IGTV videos with weekly yoga flows.

Bumps & Burpees

As a pre- and post-natal specialist and personal trainer, Charlie Launder knows how important it is for expectant mothers and new mums to have a supportive community where they can build physical and emotional strength. And thus, Bumps & Burpees was born. By creating home workouts that are safe for women throughout all stages of their pregnancies, Charlie allows mums to feel strong and confident as they entire this new exciting phase.

Get involved with the Bumps & Burpees community on Instagram and discover new workouts that are safe for you and your little one.



Having difficulty squeezing in that workout? There are no excuses with CIRQ’s 15-minute micro HIIT classes. The immersive circuit training studio has taken to Instagram where coaches Matt Young and Jonny Mills are offering free live bodyweight micro HIIT sessions. These full-body burners may seem short, but the CIRQ coaches build their workouts to make sure you don’t waste a precious second of your fitness time. Feel free to attend just one class or challenge yourself and go back-to-back.


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